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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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I am in the middle of a move right now, but I have 1) Jack Kramer (budget grey), 2) Evonne Goolagong Dunlop, 3) Spalding Pancho Gonzales. I gave away 1) Donnay Graphite/Wood, 2) Wilson Mustang. These were all bought at the Salvation Army for $3-4 each. I could've gotten a Chemold Laver, and another strange English one.

I won all my doubles matches one night against everyone with the Jack Kramer budget special. It is definitely true that you will learn tons of how to hit the ball, place the ball, stroke the ball by being smooth and long with the swing. Your backhand slice will be much, much better afterwards.

But it is not for the Fed/Nadal swing style for sure. You cannot use too much wrist because the amount of flex will not help. Your wrist or elbow will be aching from the amount of vibration wood gives off if you try to whomp it with a jagged swing.

Ive have to string my woody any advise?
Never use poly. It will sink in the wood and destroy the frame. Do not string more than 60, especially if the wood is old. Racquets with shared holes of mains and crosses require a thin gauge. The Kramer I had definitely has shared holes. You do not want to bore the hole bigger to make a thick gauge string fit with shared hole patterns. Try to use a four or six clamp mount if you can.

Poly doesn't destroy the wood. I've had poly in a wooden racket for over a year now. Admittedly I strung it at 30lbs. It's kevlar you want to avoid putting in there.


I'm pretty sure all wooden rackets have shared holes. I think they're usually around 18x20 pattern, with 3 or four shared holes at the top and bottom.

Trust me, I've already destroyed a nearly mint wood racquet with poly strung at 60 lbs. It just sunk in and destroyed the string holes. Thirty lbs is not going to do anything, that is such a low tension.
The problem there was a combination of string and tension. No offence, but it seems pretty stupid to me to string a wooden racket in poly at 60lbs; just asking for trouble.
Well, let's just call it stubbornness. I don't like racquets strung below 58, wood or no wood. I was thinking of getting a Borg Pro and stringing one at 65, Kirschbaum Pro Line 2. Any experience Jazar with that setup and if it works?
I have strung a Borg Pro before. Did it in Tecnifibre X1 at about 20kg. Definitely wouldn't want put a poly in at 65lbs. Don't think there's a need to go above 50lbs.
48 lbs? You must like low tension, Jazar. Well, I just better not play wood then. I just remember Borg stringing 70+lbs. What did he use, gut?
Borg strung in gut as that was pretty much the only string available in the 70s. I string at around 25/26kg in my rackets. But in full poly, in a dense string patter, small headed, flexible wooden racket there is no need to string tight,

OK its a old racquet That I do play with. I dont want it to  Die and become a wall mount. IS 50 High? cause I dont mind 40. Im trying to make it last. Its a Pro version and I only got 1...


There's no need to go too tight. 50 is fine; just use a syn gut or multifilament. I've done several wooden rackets like that and they've all been fine.


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