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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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the Dunlop Maxply is the racquet i want to get next & try next.

If anyone knows where I can find a woody Dunlop Maxply Fort racquet in playable condition, please let me know :) I think they were discontinued early 80s

Thanks! Looks like its in nice shape. I'll keep an eye on this one.

i dont trust it they didnt show it on the side it could be completely Spooned

My new old racquet! It is like meeting a very old friend. I can't stop smiling!

is that a maxply? hmmmm i want to play with that woody.

Strung with VS gut at 60 lbs.  Yummmm!

Yep, a Maxply Fort. Nice shape given it's age. I looked from all angles and doesn't appear to be warped anywhere. Strings appear to be old and unknown to me so I'll get it strung. Picked up from ebay for $40 including shipping. I can't wait to try it out. 

wow...I'm actually pleasently surprised the racquet is still so playable. I like the weight and this buttery feel when you hit. Directional control is also very good. It was not some albatross as some people like to make it sound. Can't weight to restring as it needs it and see how well i can play with this racquet. 

That frame deserves the best - VS Natural Gut 17.  String it at about 60lbs.  If Victor Imperial was still around, that would be the "go-to" natural gut.  But, now, VS is the top of the line.

I couldn't get myself to pay $70 for gut when I plan to play with the racquet an hour a week. Also, 60lbs I thought was too high for the woodie. I was afraid it would get warped with high tension. I got synthetic gut at 45lbs. I would love to hear from others what they string their woodies with and tensions. Any problems with warping? Do i need a brace to keep it from warping? I'd like to keep the racquet in good shape so I could continue to play with it. 


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