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Post PICs of your woody that you play tennis Racquets I mean. Post only the racquets

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40 lbs with 18 gauge synthetics. by the way, i have a collection which i plan to use for a vintage racket mixer. you are absolutely positively right about the way you hit the ball with these sticks. if we had to teach the new players again, i'd start them off with one of these.
Thanks. I hope more tennis people and players see my genious ( jk Genius )
I love playing with wooden rackets; it's so fun. I have two that I got from the ITF. They are completely unbranded and were made specifically for the ITF for testing purposes. I strung one up in Babolat Powergy at 48lbs and the other in Pacific Poly Power 1.10 at 30lbs. One is medium weight and the other light medium. Both play great. You can really swing out on the groundstrokes without fear of hitting long. I would so love to use one in a club match, but if I lose I would look like an idiot and if I won I would look like I was taking the piss.
can I see your woody? take a PIc and show me.

I've got my woody out for playing. it Takes about 30ft of string one Piece. Short Side of the is the Zigzag oft he Frame I did it in one piece.

Hey Look at my Woody the big one and the small one.

When I play for fun or with players who don't  hit very hard, I love pulling out the woody and playing with it.   Very challenging and you have to concentrate on every shot.  The feel is great but it is very heavy.  It can wear you down so be careful!  It just brings me to a place long ago, and I appreciate the skills to play at the highest level.  It's helped my backhand and slice but not for the forehand, although I can put a good amount of spin for a woody.
Isnt Playing with your Wood GREAT!
I have heard Recently that Nadal likes wood. Well thats the rumor
where'd you hear that??
Funy, but i actually had a prince woodie back in the day!  it came with a suede full length bag.  I remember it had layers of black graphite sandwiched in the wood......I wish I still had it but im sure i broke it!


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