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Who here remembers Myiesha Simmons? I remember her asking for donations because she was going to play in the US Open in the future. She also posted pictures of herself taking ice baths, pretty Hcore.

Well, I was in the same tournament as her recently. I thought I recognized her from this website so I went over and checked the women's draw. There were only 3 competitors playing a round robin format but one of them was Myiesha. Now I was sure that it was her and I was confident enough to ask if she remembered tennisopolis etc. We even got to warm up together... Thank you tennisopolis for the warm-up partner. I wouldn't have asked her if it were not for this website.

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anyone remember her? 

Very cool.   Of course we remember!  Here's her page.

So how is Myiesha doing?  What kind of tournament was that?  A standard USTA tourney and she was in the Open draw?  Could you keep up with her in the warm up?

"Could you keep up with her in the warm up?"


You are kidding right Mark? I would smoke her in a tennis match

and yes, it was USTA. We were both playing Open. I lost in the third round of the men's draw to my friend and the eventual champion PhiL Graham... There were only 3 people in the entire women's draw

You're a 5.5 player right? Up to what ranking in the WTA do you think you could keep pace with??

C'mon Cordell. I think John could serve and volley and take a set off of Sharapova or Serena. His kick serve alone would give them fits.

lol if you say so Tim.

So Cordell, do you think Serena would beat John 6-0? heh, methinks not.

Or look at this chart:

16 Levels of Tennis

Universal Tennis Levels
Below are descriptions of play at each level. It is important to note that in order for a player to be at a certain level, the player has to reach the competitive threshold with other rated players.
  Level 16
Top 80 to 100 ATP players.
Make a living at pro tennis.
Level 15
ATP Challenger Circuit players. Among the top 300 players in the world.
Trying to make a living playing tennis.
Level 14
Top ranked ITA Division 1 men.
World Class Junior Boys.
College Scholarships.
Men thinking about turning pro should stay in school.
Level 13
Top 40 WTA players; make their living as tennis players.
National level USTA boys.
ITA Division 1, and Division 2 highly ranked men.
  Level 12
Top 200 WTA; trying to make their living in pro tennis.
Highly Ranked USTA Sectional boys.
Valuable player in most men's college programs.
Level 11
Highly Ranked ITA Division 1 women.
College Scholarship players for ITA Division 1 and Division 2 women.
Highly rated ITA Division 3 men.
World Class junior girls.
Level 10
Top ranked USTA National Girls.
Solid ITA Division 3 men.
Level 9
Very highly rated ITA Division 3 women.
Will always be invited to Member-Guest Tournaments.
  Level 8
Highly advanced competitive skill.
Can manuever, attack and conclude successfully.
Level 7
Uses attacking tactics successfully.
May be outstanding National Level at younger ages.
Successful High School and ITA Division 3 and Division 2 players.
Level 6
Younger players will be outstanding Sectional competitors.
Successful High School players.
Can be successful ITA Division 3 or Division 2 player.
Has at least one "outstanding" skill. Hits successive manuevering shots.
Level 5
May be successful USTA Sectional 12 and under players.
Should start playing adults.
Very steady when focused.
As adults, will play USTA league tennis for years.
  Level 4
Starts to use manuevering tactics, usually with crosscourt shots.
May play USTA tournaments.
Level 3
Serves reliably. Rallies are deeper in the court. Tends to play long neutral rallies.
Plays standard 6 game sets. Use 10 point tie breaker for 3rd set.
Level 2
Rallies can last up to 10 shots. Recovers behind the baseline.
Plays 4 games sets.
Uses standard ball.
Level 1
Can serve and return from full court.
Plays 4 games sets, with QS green ball or standard ball.
Hits most shots to center of court.
Short points, short strokes, short shots.
Often plays from "no man's land".
  QS Green
QS green ball for 78' court.
Plays 4 game sets.
QS Orange
QS orange ball for 60' court.
QS Red
QS red ball ideal for 6 to 8 year olds; 36' court.

I'm not saying he's not good lol. He'd hang with the majority of WTA players. But when she's playing her best, the WTA players can't even hang with Serena. I've seen a match up close and that pace is just insane. I think he would have to kick serve every serve cuz she's too good at handling flat pace, you know? I do agree that it would take her a good while to get good and effective timing on his kick serve. John serving and volleying I think he could even get as close as 6-4, but just the experience I feel like she would figure out a way to break his serve..what do you think? (just a friendly 'what-if' btw, not trying to start anything lol)

You may be right, I may be right. I just see that if John keeps coming in as much as he does behind the kicker, she might fume and sputter as she did against some her WTA peers. Depends on her mentality and his degree of insistence.

Let's have Coach V set it up. Um, never mind. He can't even get Bryan Tuck's rematch started. lol

I certainly do remember her and used to make donations via her website. I really wanted her to break into the WTA. I even set up a Google Alert so I would get any news about her as it happens. I am still rooting for her and wish her all the best.

That's great, Wesley!  You are so kind.  I know the road to the WTA is sooo tough.  Do you know what level of tournaments Myiesha is playing these days?


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