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So my name is William. I go by CoachV or V. I have been playing tennis for 20 years. I am really good player and coach. I started full time teaching back in 2003.  Since then I have been able to get racquet sponsorships first one is with Prokennex, then with Wilson. I have been with wilson for the last 4 years. So i started collecting racquets for give-a-ways to kids as rewards for working hard on the tennis court.....I give them a wooden racquet if they are becoming a tennis player. I resale older racquets like the wilson 6.1 & 6.0 which are top of the line racquets. 

 but my story comes from me growing up poor and in a poor environment.  I didnt get my first set of racquets until i was 19 Years old im 35 now.... or is it this year?  So I vow to help those kids in need buy being able to give them a Racquet that they can play good tennis with. 

Now I have been collecting racquets for a while now. I think I may have too much.....because I have been Stringing racquets for 2 weeks now and I haven't stopped.

So now I am gonna list every single racquet I have here. just to give everyone the feeling of why i dont like stringing racquets.

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Im not gonna Count my Wilson 2012 racquets but here they are anyway.

3 Wilson Prostaff tour 90

1 Wilson prostaff 100

1 wilson Juice 100

these are the racquets just in my house today

1 Yellow Wilson 6.6

1 Pro Kennex rod Laver Type C Heritage Series 

1 Classic Wilson Midsize 85 ( aka the wilson 6.0 )

1 wooden two diamond Jack Kramer Prostaff

1 Wilson n-code tour 90

1 Radical tour ( yellow & black)  agassi first version  Head

1 wooden Tad Davis Imperial

1 wooden Tad Davis Classic

1 Wilson classic 6.1 28 inch or 1 inch stretched

1 wilson ceramic 85 midsize ( 6.0  version )

1 Prince O3 Tour 107

5 x 21 inch Junior Racquets

How's that Laver racquet play?

Its a 98 size. Plays better and as good than my wilson tour. Its 13oz strung. I was 10th eastern section 2006 & 2007. With it.

Ah, 13 oz. Must be pure steak knife to the ball to play with. I read it has good ol' Kevlar in the frame. Sound like a great one!

Like classic prostaffs 80% graphite. 20% Kevlar. Tim how is the Laver donay.

I don't know yet. But I saw the picture and read it will be coming out soon. Looks bad ass.

My racquet bag has seen the following in the last three years:

5 Youtek Prestige Mid

2 Prestige Tours

1 Prestige Classic 600

1 Prestige OS 690

2 Radical Tour 98

1 Radical Trysis OS 690

2 Pro Tour 280

1 Pro Tour 630 

1 Volkl Powerbridge 10 Mid

2 Volkl Powerbridge 10 Midplus

1 Boris Becker Legend

4 Gamma G325

2 Wilson K Pro Staff

1 BLX Six One Tour 90 very briefly...


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