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So I used to hybrid polys with multifilaments like many others. Up until I gave natural gut a try that is then I could not go back to multis. Gut is simply the standard in touch and feel. I use my soft string on the mains contrary to many beliefs but it truly works for me. I've tried NXT, Live wire, NRG2, biphas, etc and liked biphase and nrg2 the most. However biphase has very poor longevity and breaks in no time. NRG2 a little better but still breaks quickly. Once I started using gut on the mains and loved it, I ran into a different kind of problem. Hybriding gut is still pretty expensive however it held up so well that the poly cross is totally gone and the gut is totally fine. My gut is totally outlasting the poly string. I've restrung because the poly was simply dead after a month of playing. I generally use  ALU rough or RPM on my crosses. My racquet a pure storm tour with mains (gut) between 55 to 57 and crosses between 52 and 54. I'm not sure what my solution is exactly? play with multis that break quickly and don't care for as much as gut. Or use the gut I love that doesn't break but polys die on me and end up cutting out perfectly good gut string. I guess no solution really, just pros and cons.

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That's just what you will have to do. Stick to the gut and just accept that you will have to restring at the end of the month.

Yeah, I suppose so Tim. I'm not considering moving away from gut on the mains. How about cyclone 17g for crosses? Anyone have any thoughts on this string since I haven't used it, just heard good things about it. Good longevity? Or any other thoughts of a copoly for crosses that play well and perhaps a bit more longevity

Cyclone 17 gauge won't be a good cross. Loses tension too much. It is a good string at a thin gauge but you want a cross that is rounded and won't bite into the gut.

Use Tecnifibre Red Code, Babolat Hurricane Tour or Luxilon G4 as a cross. You will get a more controlled response.

OK Here is a possible affordable solution. They Have a String Called Zyex, Several Companies Have it. Its supposed to be like Gut and better than NXT. & its cheaper... $12 at Klippermate. I did a hybrid it feels Softer and Stronger. Dont ask me Ive just started to use it. look at the reviews for Zyex here I will be sending them a 10inch Piece of klipper USA Zyex 17G to be put under an electron microscope  and recorded in their string data base. I wonder what we will see. Also I want to compare it to NXT.

Huh..never heard of this. After you hit with it a while, let me know what you think.

I tried the Head Zyex years ago. It has a very springy response. Does not feel like gut. I definitely think NXT is better than that Zyex string I used. Not as boingy.

I tried Zyex String from Klippermate when they first came out about 10+ years ago too. they were kinda spongy. But the most recent ones I got from Kilppermate are different. I got the 17G, its either Stiffer than NXT or they hold tension better than NXT. the NXT Comparison VS Zyex-Klipper, I have liked the feel of both. Both Gave the Soft Feeling. But slightly different. the NXT Gave a more springing feeling while the Zyex gave a bit more stiffer than NXT. But at the same time both felt soft. then compared it o my (Dead) Og sheep Gosen 17g. All test racquets use the same mains. I was strictly using for cross. the Mains were Wilson Enduro PRo 17G. the OG Sheep was strung at 45lbs, the NXT was at 46LBS, the Zyex was at 46LBS.

The NXT seem to have lost tension without being used. the Zyex is still Tighter or has a higher Ping than the NXT and I have been using it for the last 3 to 4 days. I believe that the Zyex strings are holding the tension better but thats to be seen.  I need a String tester to find out. Im scared to use them in the mains. but i think thats where the real test will be.

Anyone use L-TEC strings and have any thoughts?

There's a thread on L-Tec strings on TW forum:


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