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I have an Alpha Pioneer DC (the original with the cam tensioner). The problem with stringing polys is that the string will not stretch and allow the weight to drop to level from the regular 10 o'clock position. There are two things that can be done to compensate.

A) Give more slack before winding it around the cam

B) Start the dropweight at 1 or 2 o'clock position, and wind the poly on the cam at that position.

Either way, be consistent with whatever method you choose. You will get a consistent result, but the tension may not be exact to the pound of tension. 

Do not push and assist the weight on its way down. You will be adding possibly 10 to 15 lbs more tension. Always be gentle and let it fall to level.

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Did you start and end your thread in 1 post? lol

I have the old Pioneer FL from back in the 90's with the floating clamps. What I do to string poly is to have the drop weight lever rest all the way back to where it can't drop down anymore. I will then wind the poly string on the cam then adjust and tension the lever to where it needs to be so that the lines match up showing the desired tension has been reached for that particular pull. Hope that helps any or anyone.


So you let the lever rest at the end 4 o'clock position rather at the upright rest 10 o'clock position? I've read about people doing it this way. Glad it works out for you, Jon.

I remember Stringing POLY with my Klippermate Stringer, and doing all of the above.

then I also remember soon after stringing the POLY on my Klippermate I remember thinking EFF this!

Then, I went out and bought an Gamma x-ES Electric.

I totally hear you on that one lol. I've had my Pioneer FL since 95' and remember stringing Kevlar strings and thought to myself, there has to be another way! 5 years later I bought an Ektelon NEOS and loved it.  Too bad after my last season of college tennis I sold the NEOS thinking I was never going to pick up a racquet I sorely miss that thing lol


I sold my NEOS too. Great stringer, but I didn't like lugging that beast into my car. I'd like to get an Alpha Revo or something with a linear gripper.

Hehe, yeah! A lot of finagling with the weight stick position.

im sorry about the LIE in my statement bove. Stringing with POLY wasn't "Soon After" it was after a long while of trial & Error so i could get the correct tension.

That's what my ratcheting tension head is for lol



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