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Its good to see that Mr Mayor is so actively involved in his site. I just have few suggestions on how I think we can improve the site, and I invite others to use this discussion board as a way to provide our feedback to Mark. Hopefully Mark would be able to implement some of the good ones!


My suggestions are all related to finding partners to play with:

1. Adding a profile field where members must mention how often they like to play.

2. A way for other members to add positive comments that a particular member is active - ofcourse the member being commented on should approve the comment first.

3. Some kind of reward system for a member is who is playing with multiple different members.

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Thanks Sahai!

I think all of these ideas are good ones. 

With number 1, we could easily add another profile question that asks that question, however I fear that it will not solve the problem that you are trying to solve.  When people join, they are gung-ho to find tennis partners and play tennis, but most people have tennis fever in waves.  (Or at least seasonally).  How they answer that question may be accurate at the time they sign up, but not necessarily for 6 months later.

Also, we fear adding so many questions during sign-up that it turns potential members off.

Number 2, can be done right now with the comments that are currently available on profile pages, maybe we should start promoting that feature by telling members to leave positive "referral" or feedback comments on member's pages.

3.  This can be done right away, but the automatic tracking would be difficult.  We can create awards on the site and they can be given out, we'd just need to know who to give them to.  And with 30,000 members, it may be hard to distribute them evenly.


Looking forward to more ideas too!



Also, people may have noticed a new tab at the top.  I added the Find Partners tab there to make it easier for people to get this info, because that is what new members are looking to do.  I can always use help from members like you Sahai in pointing people to the right areas of the site.  If anyone sees a member struggling (like writing a blog or a general forum post looking for members), please point them to their local group or the Find Partners page.



The best way to make it better is if the people that sign up actually participate. Meet up has the same problem.
Yeah, I've found that the key is to be proactive.  Leave messages on their profile pages, and do this with as many partners as you can find and you will get responses.  Sometimes the responses will come back in a week, but if you just keep plugging away you can make a lot of contacts.  Another good tip is to use the Friend feature - everyone likes adding friends.

It would be nice if members had the option of limiting information about meetups to those that are in thier area.  Unless I have missed something we currently get information about meetups that are thousands of miles away. 

Hi Richard,  Can you explain in more detail what you mean?  The Local meetups here, or Groups, should only notify Group members of activity.  So you should not be getting local info from a Group you have not joined.


If the Court Time tab at the top of the page had a tab that would allow members to view only meet ups posted by the groups that they are involved in then it would be much easier to find local meetups. 

How about "dead" members?  What I mean is, members who haven't done anything on the site since 2008!  Maybe some kind of activity needs to be performed every now and then, like a renewal of status, or even "liking" a picture, discussion, or video someone posted.  With 30,000 plus members one would think it would be easy to find partners in one's area, but not when invites are only going out into the internet la-la land, ha ha!  I have found a few people to play with though, so I'm not griping about this site.  Just a suggestion.

:-)  I don't want to delete inactive members though, because like I mentioned above, people do come back.  I've seen it happen a lot actually.  Many people join, then find a couple of partners on Tennisopolis, and then start connecting offline and they are good to go.   Others will come back from time to time to freshen up their contact list.  Here's a tip though, you click on someone's profile and see how recently they were here under their activity feed.  My advice is to just cut-and-paste your spiel on their pages anyway.  You never know who is going to see it.

And, by the way, thank for being active members guys!  Promise you won't leave when you meet some partners!  LOL.


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