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Hi this is CoachV. there is a couple of ways you can post Pictures & Videos to Tennisopolis. one way is to Find the Link Location of the file and the other is to embed or upload.

On this Page and All pages there is a 5 options on top. in order from left to right

" ADD: " Bar


A Picture Frame

A video Frame

A Clear Text formatting button

an a Attachment botton.


So if you want to ad a Picture to a Comment or post a Picture in a discussion if you use the Frame button you have 2 options. Up load from computer or add link from web.

the add link from the web is a little harder to use because you must find the link where the file is. But you can right click with the mouse save file as then upload which is a little quicker and also you can control the size in the frame. I use and suggest 200 PIX Nice size to 400 PIX large size so that your text and Pic can be seen easy. using a link location its harder to edit the pic. I pulled my pic from tennisopolis & put it into this discussion at 400PIX


400 Pix large but this is also a link file as you can see editing or resizing it is a pain.


NO this is a little tricky because this is not simple stuff. This is JAVA which is a internet language.  But the great thing is its all done by youtube for you. there is the link location where the youtube channel is and where the video is being broadcast.

On YOUTUBE look for the SHARE Button, then the Embed Button, it will give you all the Code. Copy & Paste the Code into the Video Button Frame.

Under most YOu tube videos is a embed button. you must Copy and PAste that code info into the Video button and the video will be displayed in the post or discussion. this is what the code should look like notice that the code is not being read by the Visual Mode interface of tennisopolis. & under the code I use the Video Button and the Java code works well into the Discussion. 

Embed Code From youtube Share Button

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Using the Video Embed Button on Tennisopolis you get this.

Using the Clear Text button. Ever Seen something that you wanted to copy & Paste but the size  is off and doesn't fit. Simply Highlight the Text with Left click hold & Drag. Use the the LInks for tennisopolis. IF I copy and Past them with out the clear text button this is what I get.


If I copy and Paste it with the Clear text button this is what i get

Main Page
Misc. Pages
Find Partners
Local Groups
Court Time
Live Chat
My Page

Notice that all the link code has been removed and its CLEAR TEXT.


The Attachment Button adds an attachment link into the Discussion. But it also adds it into tennisopolis.

But there is also a Attachment file at the bottom of the discussions which adds it on a side note to the discussion like an email and not in the Email. I have added the Same PDF as a Attachment to the discussion which is not in this Text area/ visual mode editing.


There you Go. That how you can effectively use the buttons at tennisopolis to help make better discussion, comments, advertising, Or what ever your tennis needs.



William Vazquez

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Hello Tennisopolites.........PLease Review to Learn how to make your Posts more Dynamic!

By CoachV

the Best Tennis Coach in Atlanta, Marietta & Sandy Springs GA

This is really helpful CoachV.  It is so easy to add the pictures and videos right in line, we definitely need to be doing this more.  Everyone likes a good picture.


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