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has in the Four Majors. Basic totals.

This will be updated.

Need more...come-on Tennisopolites help out.

Wilson = 109

Dunlop = 40

Head = 18

Babolat = 15

Prince = 25

Addidas = 10

Yonex = 35

Volkl/Boris Becker= 3


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Great website. I like the descriptions of the classic racquets.
Work baby
How did it turn out? I strung one of those for one of my juniors' father. I had to watch those shared holes.
The suggestion of 48lbs for me is still too Tight. The Trick of stringing the racquet is that All Woodies are 18x20 stringing and you will need about 32/34 feet.. so knowing where to start the cross and knowing three shared holes on top & bottom is the Trick. I should have done 40lbs Tim
Yeah, not knowing the pattern ahead of time will make it really hard. 48 lbs is too tight? That's too bad, but it will probably relax over time or an hour of hitting.
Now, you're making me want to get a Kramer and try out the tension myself. It'd be a great experiment and warm up racquet.
Now my Jack Kramer Pro Staff is A Pro version. not a Jack Kramer Select. check the side of the racquet to find out.
hmm, okay. on the lookout then.
I forgot. What number are we up to? and Did I count everything?
Didn't Pietr Corda with a major with a Volkl?
I dont know? Check let me know and I will update.
1998 Australian Open Champion


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