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has in the Four Majors. Basic totals.

This will be updated.

Need more...come-on Tennisopolites help out.

Wilson = 109

Dunlop = 40

Head = 18

Babolat = 15

Prince = 25

Addidas = 10

Yonex = 35

Volkl/Boris Becker= 3


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It was a 1996 Prokennex Which ProKennex Makes today. Back in the 90 Prokennex was going under and their manufacturer of the racquets was so poor the racquets had a life span of 2 matches.The Destiny is an older racquet. but the first of that design.
I remember liking the Destiny in high school. I could produce some magic with that racquet, especially drop shots.

we must stop talking about prokennex. it breaks my heart. I was sponsored by them when they first came out the heritage series that Failed. then I was forced to move back to Wilson ProStaff (tour 90, 6.0, 6.1) for the consistency I was looking for. here is a PIC of the Best Prokennex "players" racquet EVER. The colors were just Grey. I mean the idea that it was a weapon/tool not a pretty thing was great. but the public didnt buy in. The Composite for my racquet is 80% graphite 20% kevelar, 98sqi and weights about 13oz 18/20 pattern. From my experience its a Pro-level Racquet for $150 bucks at the time. Then 1 year later after the line was released, they took out the kevelar and the racquet played like ARSE redundo. It became way too flexible and lighter.

So that's the Laver Type C Kennex. Pretty hard to find although I saw a guy in San Diego selling two of those on Craigslist.
USA Ashe, ArthurArthur Ashe[b]  NED Okker, TomTom Okker 14–12, 5–7, 6–3, 3–6, 6–3
1969  AUS Laver, RodRod Laver  AUS Roche, TonyTony Roche 7–9, 6–1, 6–2, 6–2
1970  AUS Rosewall, KenKen Rosewall  AUS Roche, TonyTony Roche 2–6, 6–4, 7–6(7–2), 6–3[f]
1971  USA Smith, StanStan Smith  TCH Kodeš, JanJan Kodeš 3–6, 6–3, 6–2, 7–6(7–3)
1972  ROU Năstase, IlieIlie Năstase
Okay, here are some more:  Roy Emerson 12 with Chemold Racket;  Arthur Ashe 3 with Head; Rod Laver 11 with Dunlop; Ken Rosewall 8 with Seamco; Stan Smith 2 with Wilson; and Illie Nastase 2 with Adidas.
I think its funny how head is falling behind.
Head doesn't get much with just 3. :( How about Ivanisevic, 1?

Le Coq Sportif (1) - Yannick Noah

PDP (1) - Roscoe Tanner

Snauwaert (1) - Vitas Gerulaitis

Pro Kennex (1) - Brian Teacher

Fischer (3) - Yefgeny Kafelnikov (2)  Michael Stich (1)

Rossignol (9) - Mats Wilander (7) Johan Kriek (2)

One more for Yonex - Andres Gomez

Four more for Head - Guillermo Vilas

Martina I think used Bancroft early in her career

If you count McEnroe's 10 doubles slams (includes 1 mixed with Mary Carillo) that's 10 more for his racket.

Pat Cash  - Yonex???

Goran Ivanisevic - Head???


Pro kennex got 1...HA HA
I will add these.

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