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has in the Four Majors. Basic totals.

This will be updated.

Need more...come-on Tennisopolites help out.

Wilson = 109

Dunlop = 40

Head = 18

Babolat = 15

Prince = 25

Addidas = 10

Yonex = 35

Volkl/Boris Becker= 3


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haha! Howard Stern's still on satellite?

Lazarus is a definitely cool name for a racquet company!

ok lets get a handle here Federer has 15 or 16 Majors. so wilson Has 16at this count.
Add all the Sampras titles (14), the Connors titles (8), the Evert titles (18), the Courier titles (4), Edberg titles (6)... Wilson easily has it.
Good research. I know that wilson will have it But I want a count. can you find out what years brian Bros won with wilson and prince.

Roger 16, Sampras 14, Conners 8, Djokovic 1, Edberg 6, Courier 4, Everet 18, Henin 7, Serena 13, Venus 7, Billy Jean King 12, Del Potro 1.  I think these are all Wilson.  Total 107              Dunlop has Graf 22 and McEnroe 7, total 29,  Babolat has Nadal 9, Clisters 4, Moya 1, Roddick 1  Total 15               Yonex has Navratilova 18, Hingis 5, Seles 9, Hewitt 2, Ivanovic 1   Total 35    Prince has Sharapova 3, Rafter 2 and Ferrero 1  Total 6       Donnay has Borg 11         Puma has Becker 6          Addidas has Llendl 8          Head has Djokovic 1, Agassi 8, Safin 2, Guga 3   Total 14.    I realize I have left off some of the one and dones, and some of these players did switch.  I believe the Williams also used Prince but not sure how many they won with it.  Agassi also used Prince.  Anyway, it is an even better start.  Can anyone add to this?  In short though Wilso is by far and away the leader.

Prince has one more! cha CHANG!

Good Call.  Forgot about Michael.  Bad me.  I also didn't capture Aranxta or Gabriella.  Weren't they both Prince.  That would be 2 for Aranxta and 1 for Ms. Sabatini.


Sabatini was Yamaha? am I adding 3 for prince?


Cha CHANG! lol

Mark T. I have added 3 to prince


Ok, so who else are we missing?  Even if we stopped here, the list is fairly comprehensive.  It also shows that Wilson by far and away is the dominant stick. 
Here's an interesting point: the Babolat Pure Drive was based on a Pro Kennex racket (the Destiny, I believe).


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