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What are your methods to improve your game? Do you read specific books? Check tennis websites?

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Great question!

TBH, I don't improve every day.  But when I do try to improve, I rally with a friend and try to groove my strokes.  Then I play practice matches because I think we all play different in rallies than actual matches.  And for instruction (I'm a 4.5), I check out FYB often, and the Jeff Salzenstein and Essential Tennis are both good too.

Great to hear that you look for other possibilities to take your game to the next level. As a coach I am reading a lot of books and checking mostly ICoach and PTR website for valuable insight. I also use Tennis Island ( where I can find many interesting drills and lessons to improve every day

Great question!  

Get faster with my out calls for sure.  That way, they don't question it.

Make fundamentals "fun"... because they last a lifetime. And have a plan when I practice.  Even if all I'm doing is meeting buddies for a match, I'll try and work certain things... balance, footwork, contact point, all that good stuff.

Rick Macci's book Extracting greatness is super inspiring.

The inner game of tennis is a little more "out there" but has some really great points.

Essential Tennis, Tennis, Real Tennis Network, and :)

Read Peter Burwash all his information.  best of health

Tom copub

former tennis coach Kent State, John Carroll, Israel Tennis Centres

I often ask myself the same question, but have to say I am more for tangible staff…no books, real people, different players, more practice…

At this stage I reach my problem. Small number of available player around me. 

The best way to improve is to create goals.

It may be to defeat a certain player you know.  Play them, get beat.   "Why did I lose?" "Is my backhand too weak?" "Do I not have a good Inside-In forehand?"   Then go about correcting the problem.   Maybe get a lesson.

You would be amazed, if you commit time to playing lots of matches against strong players, your game HAS to improve, as long as you are trying to win.

Another way to improve is:  "Okay, I went to hit more winners and hit the ball harder and make less errors"   You then set about training harder, learning to hit heavy topspin balls with pace.

A great way to improve your game is to find skilled 4.5 and 5.0 players and make goals to defeat them.

Achieving a high level of skill in tennis is a BATTLE and a GRIND.  But it is not impossible.

-Peter Kelly

Tennis Player and Coach Coachv's formula for improving..
step 1. Train. Jog, push ups, sit ups, some light weights.
Step 2. Figure out what works and what doesn't.
Step 3. Play a match to figure out what tactics to use with what works and doesnt work.
Step 4. Play tournament.
Step 5. Reevaluate what work and didnt work.
Step 6. Adjust training to improve weak areas.
Step 7. Repeat steps 1 through 7.

I have a bunch of free coaching, tennis tips, and unique insights on my group page. Coachvtopranktennis just join my group. :-)

I like how simple you keep it.

I'd add Step 1.A:  rally, rally, rally.  Just get out there and hit and groove your strokes.  Of course I can not be as succinct as V, but you want to make sure that the strokes you are grooving are the correct ones.  Get a lesson, watch the pros, emulate their form.  Rally, rally, rally with correct form - ignore effectiveness of the shot.  Ignore in and out.  Muscle memory that form to death.  Rally, rally, rally.

Rally is step 2. But more. Everyone hits, but its the refining of set up/load/prep, refining of foot work for the types of shots.
The only real change of my forumla is the time Spent at each stage. Everyone will need their own unique. Time for each section.
For me as an example i would need
8 weeks of step 1.
2 weeks of step 2.
1 week of step 3.
Play practice tournament step 4.
Step 5 would be 1 or 2 weeks
Step 6 make adjustment and repeat. But now the second go around would be.
2 weeks step 1
1 week step 2
1 week step 3
Step 4 play the big tournament. And repeat steps 5 - 7.
Until it is time to take off. But all the work i do is documented. In my note book or at my group page.

i do it this way to control when i peak. So when i play the big tournament i move better hit harder and im more mentality prepared. Some times i go through the whole steps process in 2 weeks.... crunch time. But i get injured and or hurt for a week or so after the tournament.
Also you may combine steps together or mix it around. So lets say you play tournament s to get into shape to figure iut what works and doesnt work and you train after matches rather than before. The idea behind my steps is to have a core base. And not just go to the park and say play me a match for my tournament. That type of non focus is the reasons why most players dont win. And lessons will not make you win. Practice will make you win.

Ahhhh.  That makes sense. 

Rally, rally, rally. 


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