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Hi all, I recently just got back into the game and recently picked up an older gamma stringer (6000 I think?) for 200 bucks!! So my question is, can someone recommend me a good string? It's kinda overwhelming how many different types of strings are out there. Strings that I have played recently are head's sonic pro, fxp, and syn gut. I liked the fxp but popped the srings in less than two hrs. The sonic pro had a great pocket feel for me but a tad bit pricey. I have also used goosen's og sheep 17, which is ok at best.

I am a hard hitting baseliner with heavy top spin. Thanks in advance guys!

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Sorry, Joshua. I have to disagree. These testers are obviously not testing with an adequately steep enough swing plane. The main reason to put texture on a string is for those players who swing on a steeper path.

I, without a doubt, get more spin on my steeper plane swings with Tour Bite or Big Hitter Black 7. When I swing on a flat plane, of course there is hardly any difference in spin.

Bhb7 has one of the more smooth surfaces allowing for better snap back. I also believe that bhb7 is amongst the best spinning poly.

They have come a long way with string coatings....

There is also where you can buy single sets and get free shipping. The iontech strings have been up for string of the year on TW Forums and are around $7 a set with free shipping.

I would still go with the Kirschbaum deal, but it won't last forever.

Well, I did try Pro's Pro Vendetta and did experience that tension loss you speak of Joshua. But the Hexaspin Twist really doesn't have that problem. Cyber Power and Nano Cyber Power is a popular ALU copy, that my friend's shop uses regularly.

I have always liked Kirschbaum Pro Line 2. Reading the reviews of Super Smash Orange on, sounds like a great string. The original Super Smash wasn't so good though.

I tried Mamba strings on my friend's APD and it was really good. Haven't tried Iontec. People are saying it has a dull feel on stringforum.

I understand. If you are a hard hitter and can string regularly, Pro's Pro could be a good choice.

Thanks Tim and Josh! Those are great deals!

I see that a lot of people are playing "hybrids" is that the same thing as Prince's Problend from back in the day? Would the ALU be similar to the mains from that set?

Josh, I just ordered the super smash orange, it's too good of a deal to not try!

Not really. Gosen OG Micro 17g is the best synthetic for hybrid. It's used for softening the really stiff poly beds.

Well that's perfect bc I have a reel of that. Also, what is the benefits of stringing the crosses at a different tension than the mains?

When in a hybrid. The even tension works well, as the synthetic is softer. Spin is generated from string snap back and if the crosses are lower and are a nice smooth and stiff string (Gosen OG) then you will create better snap back.

Stringing the softer string higher is something I used to do, anticipating the loss in tension from the multi and synthetic. So I used to string Red Code 16 mains 58, and Tecnifibre Biphase (the softer multi) at 61. I knew that Biphase loses tension quickly, so I put it three pounds tighter. It is not recommended to have a tension difference of 4 lbs between strings. Your hoop may distort.

In any case, I was after pocketing and control. Red Code is not very powerful by itself, so Biphase, being fibrous with a soft outer coating was that.So I had something that would hit straight, but very plush.

Red Code with OG Micro was a different experience, my next experiment. It played with a sharper, more powerful feel. But there was not as much pocketing. I actually snipped it out after three days, because I thought the stringbed was too "hot" at the net. Balls would fly off too quick.

You should find out by trial and error what you like. But that's the advantage of having a stringing machine. You get to experiment without paying the price.

Solid. Thanks for the info guys. Tim, I just picked up 4 sets of Pro Line 2 for 24 bucks from tennis plaza!!


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