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Hi all, I recently just got back into the game and recently picked up an older gamma stringer (6000 I think?) for 200 bucks!! So my question is, can someone recommend me a good string? It's kinda overwhelming how many different types of strings are out there. Strings that I have played recently are head's sonic pro, fxp, and syn gut. I liked the fxp but popped the srings in less than two hrs. The sonic pro had a great pocket feel for me but a tad bit pricey. I have also used goosen's og sheep 17, which is ok at best.

I am a hard hitting baseliner with heavy top spin. Thanks in advance guys!

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Just go to They have German strings, Pro's Pro, which are remakes of all the highly popular brands at $35 a REEL. That is like $2 a set. And they ship for free too. I like Hexaspin Twist:

From my experience, Pro's Pro strings, although good, loose tension very fast. Your best bet is buying some Kirschbaum Super Smash orange from Tennis Plaza for $16 for 4 sets on sale and free shipping.

It's a 3rd gen poly and is pre stretched so it won't loose tension fast like your Pro's Pro strings from Big T

Finally got a chance to play with the super smash yesterday and I like how it played. I used the SS for the mains and used goosen for the crosses. I wished I wouldn't have strung it at a lower tension though. Why do peeps recommend this? I strung it 55lbs which is 3-5 lbs less than usual and man it jumps off the racket. I'll have to play around with the tension more but thanks for the recommendation.

 I used to string my polys at 59-61 with an Head Pro Tour 280. I had to swing very hard to get power in the first place, so my polys had to be in there tight.

But I found with a stiffer racquet, I can ease off hitting through the ball and relax my swing more and end up getting more effortless power. So I am now at 53-54 lbs with a Tecnifibre TFight 325 or a Head IG Prestige Pro.

Man, I'm the complete opposite. I'm hitting with the kfactor 6.1 (which my buddies tell me is too heavy and stiff for them) and if I don't hit out on the ball, I lose control and the ball just seems to sail out. My game is so inconsistent that if I ease up on my swing I lose all my "rhythm" . Maybe the Pro Line 2 will solve that, LOL.

The KFactor, you must swing out or there is no shot. Even more than the BLX successors.This frame is string sensitive. You are best off with a strong linear response poly.

Pro Line 2 will definitely work, maybe at 59 up to 61, if you are a flatter hitter. I used to put it at 61 in my Head Youtek Prestige Mids. I definitely was swing hard and flat at the time.

I have also strung them with Red Code at 59 lbs for my friends who used them. They were always happy with them.

I had them try my special hybrid, Becker Bomber copoly in the mains (59), Alu smooth (57) in the cross. Pretty soon, that's what they preferred.

My other friend, who is in his fifties used Lux Original at 52. But he has alot of control over his wiper and tremendous forearm strength. He likes more pocketing.

What do you mean by a "strong linear response poly"? Does that have something to do with how much the strings move? I know that the Gosen strings I have been using move a lot compared to the SS.

Has to do with the deflection angle of the strings, their stiffness rating, and its construction, whether it is a monofilament, textured or round, etc..

Gosen OG Micro is a synthetic gut. The Super Smash is a poly with less deflection angle, so it will go straighter. A textured poly will have a higher deflection angle, which is suited to spin.

Actually, recent string science has shown that much of spin occurs due to the ability of strings to snap back into place. Gosen og micro is a relatively stiff syn gut and has a decent snap back ratio.

A textured poly of a specific brand has been proven to have only an insignificantly higher spin potential that same poly with out texture.

When you say "snap back" do you mean their ability to "not move or stay in place"? I know that when I have the gosen as the mains, I am constantly having to readjust/straighten the strings all the time as opposed to the super smash or the head sonic pro, where the strings always remain in place. Thanks again for all the info!

Also, the string stiffness along with this snap back effect allow for bigger swipes with less power. This contributes to spin. Open string pattern ect....

Yea, old tennis string hypothesis vs recent string science that has been proven over and over for the last 5 years.

Not a new topic of conversation, just am tired of long explanations and for that I apologize.

Tension loss, as in major. Obviously, once that happens, you lose control.


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