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Check this great rally out!

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It seems like it would definitely help movement and anticipation, but definitely not help with strokes.

It Can help with the strokes. because... you have to apply the correct amount of hit/arch/feel to the ball in order to place it, as well as manage the spin.

Your Hitting/strokes will improve because it will take away the bad habits and force you to learn new hand skills.  the new hand skills and improved feel of the ball will greatly improve your tennis. OH yeah the movement doesn't hurt either.

I think you make a good point, V.  After watching it a few more times, I agree that for all the great stuff it does for movement and anticipation, it actually helps with feel too.  There shouldn't be any damage to muscle memory of a standard tennis stroke, but this is something I always worry about.  I've heard too many stories of tennis strokes destroyed by too much racquetball.  :-)

My Tennis has improved in the last year from playing racquetball & Squash. My movement became shorter on the court due to the constant bending and stretching of squash. Racquet ball depending on who you are playing can be sit and wait or a quick dive for the ball. plus getting your hands and feet to work in new ways as well as retraining your timing. Even Table tennis can help you learn to watch the ball. the point of all this is if you want to be a great tennis player you will need more than just tennis skills. In today's tennis game its the better athletes & Skills, not 1 or the other.

New ways are fun, challenging and break up the same ol'  ;-)

It won't help with strokes at all. You're having to hit the ball into your own court first and then over. It certainly helps build the fast twitching muscle fibers that you need to change direction and short bursts of speed

it will help with all the stroke because

It certainly helps build the fast twitching muscle fibers that you need to change direction and short bursts of speed

Neither does volleyball or kayaking but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. 

Branching out like a Tree is best...rather than just a stem coming up from the desert sand. 

Learn daily.

I agree fully with Coach V.  I typed a full paragraph but lost it before I could "reply".  Mainly to say, great drill.  One of my favorites.  My students always benefit from it, even though those who don't use a continental grip or don't volley well, have a lot of trouble doing this (at first).


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