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First hit/review! Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX :)

IMG_4178 by Say Chi Sin Lo, on Flickr

IMG_4179 by Say Chi Sin Lo, on Flickr

IMG_4180 by Say Chi Sin Lo, on Flickr

IMG_4181 by Say Chi Sin Lo, on Flickr

I was at the Fremont Tennis Center for my tournament and my opponent didn't show up. So I was just chilling and the shop owner/employee saw that I had a BLX90, so he asked if I was interested in hitting with the the new PS-BLX90, still in shrink wrap and everything. OF COURSE I said yes!

As a demo, this racquet was strung with Wilson NXT 16 (fancy for a demo!), and I'd assume strung within the mid-range of the recommended range. 

The PS-BLX90's finish is glossier than the BLX90. The red part on the upper loop is noticeably glossier than the rest of the racquet (white parts). The racquet doesn't look as crazy and busy as the BLX90.

How it plays:
Let me just say this, if this was a blind test between the BLX90 and the PS-BLX90, it would be really difficult to differentiate the two. Because they both hit like a gummy bear. If anything is worth mentioning, it's that the PS-BLX90 plays a bit crisper than the BLX90. It reminds me of the K90's crispness but without the jarring/metal pipe sensation. I will also say the BLX90 provide a better ball-pocketing sensation than the PS-BLX90. Yes I have gut on my BLX90, but when I demo-ed the BLX90 with its $3 synthetic gut, it was pocketing the ball better than this freshly strung PS-BLX90.

A side note:
I don't know if it was the strings, or the PS-BLX90 itself, but the sound at impact was f-ing loud! 

I know, a short review, but there's not much difference between the two frames. You're welcome to ask me with specific questions about the way it hits. But to sum up, just like the BLX90, it hits like a gummy bear, but it's a bit crisper.

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If you have played with the BLX90/K90, then you won't be surprised, nor will it take your breath away. Honestly, I only hit maybe 10serves and then the drizzle turned into rain. So, I can't really comment on the serves. But from the 10 serves or so I hit, I didn't notice a difference.

 This may be a better volleying frame than the BLX90, because it's crisper. It's every bit as maneuverable as the BLX90/K90. K90 was like a metal-pipe. BLX90 is like a pillow. PS-BLX90 is the middle, again, it's a lot closer to the BLX90.

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If I buy it, I'll only change it for the cosmetics. Because I do like the cleaner design. 

Also, I still like the way my BLX90 plays. The ball-pocketing/gummy bear sensation on impact is unlike anything else. (some may beg to differ and say the the N90 was a better pocketing frame)

Besides, I JUST switched over to the BLX90 from the PC600. From this playtest, the frame was indeed impressive, but it didn't wow me. Like I said, if you spray the two frames with the same color and turn it into a blind test. I really don't think I can notice the minute difference. So, probably not.

Also, haha I think "Amplifeel" is BS.

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Was the Grip oval or round? the N-code had a more oval & k-factor is more round. the BLX is oval-ish( which I like ), is the New Prostaff BLX PS90 tour Round or oval???? thanks

Looks oval (rectangular to me) because bevels 3 and 7 looks wide from the pics. The testers I've seen haven't mentioned anything yet.

I do my play test on the 17th I will update here.

New Racquets are Great! PS the Steam &  Juice Racquets are great as well...IM not allowed to talk about it.

I'll take your word for it. They must be "great"! lol

well think about Great this way... as a coach...I have good playing and feeling options for my students. thats great in my opinion. also hitting with them I could play with them with little adjustments.

I always had to switch racquets for the younger kids I taught. I would use an oversize Agassi Radical Trysis for them. An all in one thing IS great!

Ive got that racquet!!!!! in Elite condition!!!!! right when they changed the name to radical

What about pace and spin...they improve it?....rigth now im hitting with the 90 BLX, and im thinking to go with the 95 next month because of this.....What about vibration compared with previous you think is a good idea to put some rpm blast 48 lbs on this frame?


Only way to know is to actually put the string in a demo racquet. Some frames do not mate well with certain strings. Good luck!


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