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Fed is not too old to win the Grand Slam, Laver did it at 30!

I believe Federer with Annacone's help will give him enough tools to finally achieve the Grand Slam. He is able to be more unpredictable and varied with his strategy, while conserving energy and putting constant pressure on his opponents.

Just look what he did to everyone, Nadal included, at the year end Masters! No one was able to beat him, and yet he looked smooth and unruffled. I like this new version of Fed!

If he wins the Australian and overcomes the hurdle of the French, then I would say Federer can definitely achieve what Laver did at the same age. What do you think?

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I'd love to agree with you, but I doubt he gets more than 2 this year.  The immense confidence he had in 07 and 08 has been broken and I don't think it is possible to ever get it back.  In those dominant years, fed just knew in his heart that he was going to win - and that counts for a lot in tennis.  Can't wait for the Aussie.

A rog Fan like me will be happy with that...i wonder what his standards are this part of his career...?



His standards are probably back up there, because of Annacone. He looks fired up again to me. Plus he looks genuinely disappointed losing to Soderling and Berdych, I don't think he will allow that to happen much again.

If it happens, it will be because of strategy and an improved backhand. I can already see he has changed his grip slightly, by his followthrough being more rounded. He is opting for a more aggressive balance shift, in his left foot fall over step. He is also hitting a shorter crosscourt angle, as he did against Nadal. I am hoping it works on the red clay.

Federer has to much energy at his age and he's not stopping now!


I like that, Yulanda! I definitely feel the same way too.


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