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Heading to week two we have seen some great tennis and it looks like we are headed on a collision course for another classic Federer vs Nadal match up. We are used to seeing them play the final but this year we will see them play in the Semi-Final if they get past their Quarterfinal opponents.

Nadal and Federer have been so amazing that it had me thinking, is this the greatest rivalry in the history of professional sport? At one point the had won 23 out of 26 majors, that is a record that no one else has even come close to.

So here is the Question of the Day...what is the greatest rivalry in sports history and why? Here are some pics of some of the greatest rivalries to get you warmed up. Muse back by commenting below the pictures...

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How about Kasparov vs. Karpov?  Just kidding. But lots of head to head encounters in that one.

Well, Frazier and Ali was a great one. But you really can't expect boxers to fight 26 times. That's stuff for the movies.

I really liked Greg Lemond vs. Bernard Hinault. Or the best cycling race Lemond vs. Fignon 1989. But you'd have to be cyclist to appreciate that.

Alright, Peter. You're probably right. lol

yeah you are not moving me with your

okay, that leaves Laver vs Rosewall--- Mac vs. Borg---  Sampras vs. Agassi. I like Mac vs. Borg

Great post Peter, we just featured this on our FB page. 

First I think we have to establish that they are the greatest TENNIS rivalry of all time.  This means they are ahead of:

McEnroe / Borg

Borg / Connors

Sampras / Agassi

Chrissie / Martina

Who else is there?

Graf/Seles, Graf/Sabatini...

awesome thanks!!!! How about Connors vs Mac...they hated each other..Venus and Serena...certainly a very strange rivalry

Connors and Mac is a definite long rivalry. I was thinking of putting it up there, but it looked a little incestuous. lol  Now, Venus and Serena... that's definitely incestuous. hahaha!!

I agree, but novak and rafa are becoming on the top of the list for me. Those matches are hard to watch for Rafa fans.

Yeah, you can see Rafa sweating nervous bullets off of him. They aren't even liquid anymore. 


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