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Does anyone do weight training consistently along with their tennis?

In my quest to get down to my "fighting weight" and increase my court speed I have been weight training for the last 2 months or so...I was curious if anyone else incorporated a lifting program along with their tennis training?

If so, what type of schedule (X week, body parts) do you use? 

Thanks in advance for your input! 

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Yeah, Michael! I do the spin cycle for 30 minutes in intervals. Then I do high reps (15-20/ 4-5 sets) dumbell chest flys, tricep pull, bicep curls, quad extensions, hamstring curls, back press, calf extensions. Then I hit the boxing bag for thirty to forty five minutes. I try not to scar my knuckles, even though I wear gel gloves. I need to tape them!

I don't lift weights much anymore per se, as heavy weight lifting seems to slow down my swing, but I do use light weights for high reps and also work with elastic bands.  I do "weights" twice a week; one day for shoulders, chest (push ups), and abs (ab roller).  The other day is for biceps, back (reverse flies and lower back exercises), and abs (crunches).  I try to bike or jog on days I'm not playing tennis, so I do very little direct leg exercises.

The only heavy lifting I do is the spoon on my right hand and a fork on the other after having a good hour or two of hitting.

Yes, If you Build muscle you will defiantly improve. but you have to build not burn.


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