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In the 3rd round,  6-3 6-4 7-5 , Murray sent wild card  Lithuania’s Ricardas Berankis packing.

Murray stated, "when the ball is between Berankis's hips and his shoulder, he hits the ball extremely well. He's got very good timing,"

For me, as a player, I only analyze my shots when i get them at the depth and height i want see the ball at. I never stop to think about how my opponent  is hitting when the ball is at a certain depth or height...

Do you guys think about ball how well your opponent  is hitting at a certain height, or are you concentrating on multiple things?

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When i step onto a court all i do is analyze my opponent. I look at his movement, set up, shot selections, all habits. You also have to figure out and do it quickly which shots you have to hurt them.

"Mental Chess" is how Chess is really played. for example... I start planning about 7 moves in advance. Seven moves ahead is the limit for an average chess player, but pros in chess will have about 20 moves ahead and combinations ** ready.**

This relates to tennis is

I am the same way as a pro chess player but in tennis. I step onto the court the evaluation time begins. with my 20 year experience of playing tennis i have learned to "READ" many visual ques, signs, Non-audible, and audible communications of my opponent.

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I usually do that stuff as well, but hearing murray sate where the player hits well, that opened my eyes to a lot of new things for this sport.  This sport is so crazy, haha.

I probably don't do it as much as I should.  I'm usually so concentrated on my own performance that I forget to dig deeper on my opponent's errors.  Thanks for reminding me!

True, I do that as well. I need to stop focusing on the bad and work on the good.

i'M PLAYINg a tournament this weekend and I haven't played one in about a year.  I'm glad you rebumbed this discussion.  I'm going to hit tester shots to my opponent in warm up to find his flaws.  I've found that many 4.5 players are not as good with shorter balls that stay low.  Also, high to the backhand is usually a good play too.


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