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If you put the lead on a stock Head IG Speed Pro, it may throw it off considerably. You need to counterbalance whatever you put in large amounts in the hoop, with a possibly similar amount in the handle. There is a great possibility there is silicone injected in the handle, or lead placed on top of the pallet. 

I am balancing a racquet right now, using this website as a guide:

Look up your racquet's specs, and put them into the website calculator. Then add data in each row as to how many increments of lead you've put positionally on the racquet. Remember, the more you put towards the tip, the greater the swingweight. But the more you put towards the buttcap, the more headlight you make it. Good luck!

A great thread tim, unfortunately spoiled by a load of childish plonkers wanting fabfed to dissect that beautiful stick.

The mold so vsbabolat states is a pre youtek radical, basically he played with the lm rad when younger so its that without the ridges. I always felt it was a little square in the throat and looked more like the rad tour twin tube. Weight we know is 359g and balance is around 5 pts hl, sw seems to be in the region of 370-380. Flex 51. Its interesting that his lead placement is pretty me much the same as a full CAP grommet. He will definitely have lead/silicone in the handle to balance that much weight in the head. What Nole has is a super stable racket.

Now the closest you can get imo is to buy a vantage bc20, flex is 49 but its got an open string pattern. I did the mods to mine and got the spec to match, including gut/alu string job, had a few problems with the power and couldn't get the swing speed on serve. The main thing for me was the lower balance and the higher sw meant I was slower in preparation for my fh.

It helped me understand that when my sw goes over 370 my game deteriorates. So hats off to nole carrying that log around for 6hrs.

Another Fabfed thread shows feds racket, 364g, 32.2cm, 358sw, interestingly enough for me that's my spec on the melbourne!

To get the flex/string pattern nole racket, I would buy a head radical tour twin tube off the bay, as they are about fifteen years old I can imagine the flex to have dropped from 58 ish to low 50's and basically you would have a pro stock pt57a mold with the right string pattern and flex and lead up with foil tape and go hit the courts!

Yeah, I had two of those Radical twin tube Zebras. The CAP grommet made it too heavy for me already, so I trimmed it down with a razor blade and played with it bumperless. It had that really nice low flex, which is like the Liquidmetal Prestige. And that racquet would clobber the ball still.

Just was too heavy in the long run. Nole's got a strong flexible arm. My max swingweight is 340. Then my swing speed drops dramatically.

That's why I was really impressed with both the IG Radical MP and Radical OS. I can have that nice flexy feel but at a swingweight I can use. Your Vantage BC20 is very hard to find here in the U.S. stores. I remember you showing me stuff on it.

Ah, that FabFed thread is just like you said, everyone wanting to maul someone's gem to pieces. They're lucky even to set eyes on the damn thing. 


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