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4.72 pts headlight, 359 grams, 65 stiffness according to "kiteboard"

4.8 pts headlight, 32.8 cm balance point according to balance board picture, reportedly 51 stiffness according to Greg Raven.

Note the lead under the clear bumperguard, and the lead running all along the inner rim of the frame sides. Also, it looks like the beam width is wider, and the throat is clearly different and square at the bottom where it meets the handle.

Clearly, a pro stock frame unavailable to the public. Unless you pay a pretty penny. 

It is hard to tell which is which Tim. I'm guessing the strung one is Djokovic's and the unstrung is stock? Can you put captions below each image so we know what you are showing each time?  Where did you get these photos?

Yes, the one on the left and is strung is Djoko's. The side has bluish paint as well. The stock does not. When you see a solo pic, it is Djoko as well.

There's a guy, "Fabfed" who buys Fed and Nadal's racquet through auction. Now he has Djoko's. He pays around 10K for them. He posts them on Tennis Warehouse forum.

If Greg Raven is correct with RA 51 stiffness and 4.8 pts. headlight, the closest racquet in the Head lineup to match Djokovic's real racquet is the Radical OS, either IG or Youtek. It is the only one with the stiffness around 58 or 56.

Even though the headsize is 106 sq. in., this racquet plays like a beast when leaded with 18-30 extra grams on top of the 315 original grams. I put 9 grams of lead at 9 and 3 o'clock and 10 grams at the top of the handle. Amazing power, spin and control thru lower flex! Similar to Agassi's original specs too.

if i added lead exactly where you place them, will it throw the stick out of whack when i start hitting with it?


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