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Could this be the year of a Men's grand Slam? After taking out Fed and Murray at the AO, Fed in Dubai, and Fed & Nadal in IW, can Nole take out the King of Clay in RG? Will he be able take the big W and finish it out at flushing? As of this writing I can see no evidence to the contrary.

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Wouldn't count on it.  For one thing he has never done well at Wimbledon. 
Djoko is serving better and returning better than anyone right now. Those are two huge departments. Have to agree with Mark though. Wimbledon is not his tournament.
Although I see a promising future for Nole, I concur with Mark and Tai Chi, grass is not his favorite surface.
Dude, it's Thai Chi. Get it right. ;)
As far as the big W check out the the results since 2007 SF, 2nd round, QF, and SF. This new Djoker may be ready to take the next step.
I predict Health issues. not nole slam sorry Nole
I concur.  Health issues, and he still has the occasional fold job if he isn't feeling well.  I don't think he is quite ready to take the next step, and quite honestly, I would wonder if the pressure at this point would be too much for him as the #1 dude.  Nope, not yet.
I dont think he would fold under the pressure. I just thinking worse case injury.  he definitely has the talent to do it. and he fights and he has fun doing it. so lets see. no jinxing
Not trying to jinx, I just don't see it.  Too many weird things happen throughout a year, and not so sure Djoko can stay that focused.
Oh well. So far, so good. No breathing problems yet, and he does look to have better conditioning than Nadal, Fed or Murray. His forearm and muscle build looks better.

I havent had the chance to see them in action..pretty much just read it online, but Novak said something pretty interesting for an interview..

"NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Well, I was just saying in the question before, the bottom line is this is more or less a mental game in the end.  Everybody’s physically strong, prepared, hitting the ball clean and well, and working, you know, couple hours a day.

If you go out there and watch the matches of the players who are 60, 50, 60, 70 in the world, they are striking the ball as well as top 5, but the difference is the mental strength and the ability to, you know, cope with pressure and just be stable and consistently dedicated and professional in every sense of that word.

I have been always really dedicated to the sport and working really hard with my team.  I’m lucky enough to have a great team of people who is surrounding me and supporting me in every way on and off the court.  I think they are doing their jobs great.

It was just a matter of time for me to feel good again on the court, to really have a self belief that I can, you know, win Grand Slams and that I can, you know, push it to the last limit.

It just clicked right now.  I knew it’s a long process and I knew it took time.  It’s not easy, because you have to deal with the different kinds of things, you know, in your professional life, in your private life.  It’s really hard to separate those things if you are emotional.  And of course we are all humans, and there are some things that are affecting your professional life.

But it all came up well, and right now it’s all good.  So hopefully it’s going to stay like that."

I think he could surprise us even more this year..cant wait for the french open and wimbledon!



He still won't win Wimbledon.  No way.  And I have a hard time believing he does anything at the French.  That is Rafa's play ground.


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