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I'm really stoked about this match up! It has the potential to surpass even Brian Tuck vs. Jake C! This will go down in a couple of months with Mr. #1 Tim Prapong volunteering to have camera coverage.


Brief Background:

     Dave  has been playing around 5 years and has recently progressed from 3.5 to 4.0.  

     Joe B has a few years of experience but is a rapidly rising star in this community as well as his    

               league competitions.


Venue to be decided but it will be in SoCal.


Match predictions any one?

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Dave had to stay with the family. Boo. lol

Heh. What money? lol

Are they PLaying OR is this Dead if its Dead! Delete This Forum POST!

Its Just disappointing.

Dave and Joe can get it on without Chin or even me. It is up to them. They are friends I believe. lol

i know what they can do ....its called tripod

If they want me as a cameraman, they gotta be ready to play lights out!

if they want me as a heckler, they'll have to wait

If they need advice on how to trashtalk, look to Coach V! lol

Just too bad this match wasn't able to push through and hopefully in future we can meet up again and get it done. For now I am out on this match. Thanks for all the comments. Dave 

Coach V says to delete this thread. The match that never was. 

Keep it as a reminder for the match that never was. This is like Mayweayher-Pacqiao of tennis

This is different from Mayweather Vs Pac Man because the boxers themselves disagree about the terms of the match, whereas here the match was setup by the organizer, given the date to meet up and play. Both players agree to drive 2 hours to play a match on a date that was established by the organizer but then said organzier failed to show up. I don't think the players should be blamed or accussed for this mishap and by the way they are not the one who started the thread and the match here. I highly suggest that this thread be deleted the soonest. Hopefully players who involved here can clear their name and also no tripod, no trashtalk and don't need a heckler either. Thank you. Dave. :)   


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