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I'm really stoked about this match up! It has the potential to surpass even Brian Tuck vs. Jake C! This will go down in a couple of months with Mr. #1 Tim Prapong volunteering to have camera coverage.


Brief Background:

     Dave  has been playing around 5 years and has recently progressed from 3.5 to 4.0.  

     Joe B has a few years of experience but is a rapidly rising star in this community as well as his    

               league competitions.


Venue to be decided but it will be in SoCal.


Match predictions any one?

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My prediction?  Pain.  Mainly for me, he he he!  As for years of experience?  I suppose 1.7 years can be considered plural, ha ha ha!

Hmm, I'm gonna prep Joe B. a little here. So it'll be closer. lol

No prep needed. You don't want it to be too lopsided for Dave, Tim. I surmise it's a pretty even match the way they are.

Alright, no prep then. Just the way they are. lol

Whats So Epic About it. and When will it happen? Month Day Estimate? do they hate each other or even know each other? whats the Prize? Money/Food....... ahhhhh food ~singing~ Doonuts. Hazing Humiliation, Running naked through the park at midnight from 1 end to the other or a the naked quarter mile?   

Tell me Why I should be Watching this?

Not epic, CoachV.  Gastric.  As in, Chin is treating us out to all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ afterwards.  Yum!  In fact, you probably shouldn't even watch it, ha ha ha!  I'm training hard for this, ate my egg pie, stretched, and now going for a jog.  Cue the Rocky training music!  {Runs up the stairs}  Gasp, pant, pant, ok, that's enough!  Whew!  I need oxygen!  Someone call 911!

Not an epic poem like the Odyssey, just a tale of two amateurs duking it out in the wind. Just like Tuck v. Christener, a battle of wills testing out their 3.5/4.0 skill. 

Why did I watch Tuck and Christener? For the comedy mostly. I'll probably do the same here.

hmmm. the Comedy....I took Bryan vs Tuck Very seriously. I wanted a closer match.

Bryan versus himself. lol

Oh this will be miles better than the Br-Ake match. Guaranteed!

I'll be in cali in a little over a week. Can we make this match happen on the 26th or the 25th?

correction only the 26th now. I'm flying in on the 25th after having worked all of Sunday night. I'll probably be zonked when i arrive.


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