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Could an Andy Murray vs. Serena Williams match happen? And would Serena win a point?

Here's the story on yahoo.


I thought I'd present it to the tennis community here to see what everyone's thoughts are. Alot of the comments on the yahoo article bring up Bobby Riggs and BJK. As far as physical strength goes, though, Serena is heads and shoulders above any woman ever to play the game. On the same token, realistically we all know she would never win a match against anyone in even the top 300 men. But my question is to those who say she wouldn't even win a point. I personally have always liked the idea of her playing in an exhibition against an atp player. She's definitely not the same 16yr old girl who played Karsten Braasch. She's not a strong (extremely) woman. I've watched just about every video available of her playing mixed doubles, and remember her acing Novak during Hopman cup. At the French this year, Ferrer and Serena both maxed out at top speed of 124mph. If Ferrer can give trouble with his serves, why is it unfathomable to think Serena couldn't give herself an inroad into a point if her serve is on?? She might not ace Andy (I seriously doubt she could ace him) but if placed well enough (which we all know she's capable of doing) I think she could win a few points on her own serve. Thoughts??

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She could lose 3-6. Of course, she can win a point. A good shot is a good shot. But Andy is, with Novak, the best defender on tour.

I don't think she gets a single game.  Yes, she will win points due to unforced errors from Andy.  The question to me is, can she construct a point and deliver a winner against Andy?

The Riggs vs BJK was an exhibition that helped people watch tennis, Riggs was already old at the time. The serena vs players in the top 1000 wouldn't be close. An idea that just won't happen. Of course she would win some points!  Did you know Riggs won the triple crown, Wimbledon Champion Mens singles, Mixed doubles, mens doubles champion. Made bets and won big. Players used to play more than just singles. Respect to the players of old.

Serena and Venus already played a "secret" match against Karsten Braasch.,,543962,00.html

I still say she would win more points as the player she is today against Braasch than she did as a 16yr old girl..I don't think she would win a game, but she could at least put herself in a position to win the point with her serve SOME of the time lol. I've seen her play mixed doubles. Check her out..she bad lol.

Both Serena and Andy have agreed to it. All we need is a promoter to hammer out the details. Where's Don King?


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