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Rules for contest:

  1. the Video should only be about 10 seconds long.( rule Change 1 min is good too.... )
  2. The video must be a single shot.
  3. The View point will be a Back View.
  4. The Service Side will be Deuce for right handed players. and Advantage Side for Left handed players.
  5. Proper serving from base line( so if you foot fault you are disqualified ) & Faults do not count so don't submit.
  6. Only Personal submissions,( the real you and your kick ) no other videos from Pros Example Federer's 4 Kick Serve aces against Pistol Pete. 
  7. Contest Starts MAY 1st, Submissions due by May 29 th,  May 30 th I will pick a Winner ( i am disqualified from winning but I can Submit. I look forward to your votes though.)
  8. You can only submit one video. If you post & Remove and post again and I catch you. you are disqualified.
  9. Winner will receive by mail a Tee-Shirt that Says KICK ASS on the back and KICK on the front. oh yeah im gonna make it so don't expect great quality.  but it will be free.

Quality of the kick Serve: Height of the bounce, Curve & Kick, And Where the second bounce lands.



Clay courts do not count due to lines changing directions. Cracks in tennis courts do not count Either. All Surfaces must be a hard court.


Good Luck.



CoachV - William Vazquez 404-829-4660


you win bragging rights... for now. Anybody out there want to be a Sponsor...... Mark any ideas?



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You must serve from the Left side if you are Left handed. Please Re-post to Win!........................


other than that Nice looking Top spin serve. Great Height on the ball.


Kick serves are to easy for players on the Opposite side because a Player can simply do a spin serve and not a kick. This reason is the player is facing the direction he/she is hitting in

So a left handed player serving on the left side his/her is facing  away from the direction they are hitting thus making the serve motion more difficult.

So if you can kick/twist serve from the right hand side being right handed you have a great kick. or if you can kick/twist serve on the left side being Lefty you have a great Kick.

Ya, I re-read the rules and said oops in my comments. Maybe I will get a chance today? I start at 1 but it may be raining by then
Dude its about to Rain Here in ATL, But im on clay So it will look a little better than it is. Stay tuned. PS. I CANT Win. but you can look.
On clay?? Ever dozen or so I will kick one over the fence... that bbreaks rule #1
Im not in Contest to Win. This is just a Demo for the Contest. But When I get into a little more shape and practice. I will put up a Better one. But also I wanted to test Views and See if the Shots can be shown correctly. If you notice that My Camera is way off to the Left. It works well for the close up but not the far back view. So there is still some testing. for Camera locations.  I would put the camera in front but Im a little short on( extra ) cash.

With no Practice or training. I try to demonstrate the Kick/Twist. With some video editing I can show the Type of spin necessary for a Kick.  but I'm short and out of practice. But I get lucky with a couple of shots that show the spin some what.

Your kick serve only bounces 1/4 the way up the back fence?
Thats true but it reaches about ( or best ) 7' high at the Base line the Spin hooks it back down. so for me on a great day my opponent will have to hit a running backhand overhead for a return of serve.  In the second view the black bar in the back ground is '6"6' high my Ball over the base line is anywhere between 6' and some inches. the kick serve is not my best serve, I just figured it out last year. It tears up my elbow. Im in Pain and Weak now from just messing around with it yesterday without training, stretching or warming up, but i did eat a salad.
no power All Kick & Twist.
I like this video. The first serve the guy would have crunched it bc you left it hanging (happens too me when I am too afraid of double faulting) the second one you hit the net and the third one was good action.

You could use better location (closer too the net) so that your 6 or 7 foot bounce actually happens by the time it gets to the baseline (where your opponent is) this is important bc you return kick serves by taking them on the rise... so you gotta make him work
you think I didn't know the difference.  If you look for online for Videos for the Kick/twist serve. you will never see a Non-top-100 really do one. unless its a movie or Crack/warped court.  Besides, the kick serve I use for matches,  its like a knuckle ball. Every once in a while when the moment is right I throw it in. My game revolves around my READING ABILITY not my shots. ALL my shots are world class..... except my kick......... and maybe my fitness...... hell with this, shoot, I have beer. Good night!


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