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I keep switching back and fourth between two and one backhand.

Sometimes It comes and goes when I go for my shots...but I don't know if that my grip size is to small or I'm holding the wrong grip.

I have a matches coming soon and I need it fix.

Help me Tennisopolis!

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What size grip do you use?

Thanks Mike

I hit open stand and no shoulder turn at all.

I will practice this for sure.


Hi Yulanda, I think you should try the one hander. Here are some videos to get you started.

I recommend this video by Brent Abel for a very basic and useful backhand video on the one hander.

Brent Abel then analyzes the Rod Laver backhand, which shows you how to hit that old school, simple, small platform backhand.

Here's the Rod Laver backhand in action. Look at how simple and potent his one hander is, Yulanda!


You can take a look at my own backhand videos that I made on my page. There's no sound in these, but I will get them up with sound soon.

well the first thing and the last thing it takes to fix a backhand. is you have to start get into postion low. experiment fine the backhand variation that serves you best, you may find its difficult to setup and hit a backhand even on moderately hit balls.lets face it this is not the forehand and everything we have no problem with is now in reverse. for cut video of any type..................

Back hand simple. if your right handed stand only on the right foot. that should fix many issues. second tip stand facing away from the net that should fix the rest. good luck.


There are four distinct styles of two handed backhand.  Has anyone ever helped you discover which one would be best suited to your style and skills?  Videos are great, but coaching is even better.   Come get your Backhand "X-Mo'd"


Bill Patton


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