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I just got into my hotel from the Men's Clay Court Championships in Houston. Here's a clip I took of Bob Bryan getting DRILLED at the net by John Isner in the Doubles Final:




Sorry about the guy's head in the clip, I tried to keep him out of it, but he kept moving.Bryan Bros won 6-7, 6-2, (10-5). I had no idea they played a tiebreaker for the 3rd set just like we do, and was kinda bummed. In my opinion, doubles is much more fun to watch.


I've got a ton more video that I've taken since Friday, including the John Isner v. Ivo Karlosvic 7 Foot 140 MPH Serving SLUGFEST. That match was brutal. Can only imagine what it was like being IN it. Ivo ended up getting beat today by the #1 Japanese player, but Ivo was in physical pain from the git-go.


Anyways.. While I'll be sharing footage I've gotten here with you guys, I'm probably not going to upload everything I edit here, but I WILL be sharing it via my blog, on youtube, and through my newsletter...


So if you are interested, here's where I'll be posting stuff: <== Join the newsletter list, by entering your name & email either in the pop up box that shows after the page loads, OR by using the form on the right. You'll get a free tennis training ebook, but as new clips are edited and uploaded, you'll get an email to check it out. It'll be slow-mo stuff, analyzing stuff, etc. etc.


Here are 2 youtube channels that I will use. And I will use both, so if you're a fan of youtube, just subscribe to both of them, and you're good to go. <== 1 <== 2


We've still got the final to shoot tomorrow: Ryan Sweeting vs. Kei Nishikori (#1 Japan). Nishikori was burning up the courts today in his semi-finals match, so tomorrow should be good.

I still have to go through all my footage, but I'm pretty sure I've got some killer stuff in there to share with you guys.


Catch ya laters,



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Thanks for the post.  I watched that doubles final on TV and it looked like Quisner just wasn't as determined to win as the Bryans were.  And Sam double-faulting twice in the super tiebreak??? What?  John and Sam are more interested in singles success and they were just laughing off all their mistakes yesterday.

Hey Mark,

Yeah, you're right. I went out to the Bryan Bros practice. They were so intense their hats were sweating. About 15 min after they went in, Sam & John came out. Spent around 20-30 min on the court with a light warmup, smiling, joking, and laughing. I think they could have won that match, I was pulling for them. It'd be nice to have the luxury to use a pro final as a "fun" match. haha.


Those 2 guys just won my support, they're super nice. Not sure if you saw it on the Tennis Channel, but they gave John the Sportsmanship Award after the match.





Isner's volley was excellent there. All forward movement, well out in front. Pure economy.


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