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Roger will retire.  It's a fact.  What will this do to the sport?  Will you enjoy watching tennis any less?

I'm old. I remember when Sampras was king (and before). I tend to root for the underdog. So I rooted a lot against Pete and Roger too.  However with Rog, I'm starting to root for him at this point. (Something I never came to do with Pete because he bored me.) Roger was so damn good for so long that many of us got sick of him winning everything. But his game is beautiful and he's a great guy, so I'm rooting for another major this year and maybe a Gold at the Olympics. Talk about going out on a high note.

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What i am going to miss is the sanity and consistency of the Prostaff 6.0 or now known as the PS - 90 tour.

the insanity that will follow Federer leaving the sport might ruin the racquet he uses & my racquet of choice right now.

lets look at Agassi for example First (Cause i hate heads marketing of racquet!)

Agassi started playing with the Prince Graphite110. He got a sponsorship with Donay that made a colorful clone of the prince graphite. Meanwhile head was making a similar racquet in yellow and black called the tri-sis series i forgot the original name but the number was 720 all the racquets had numbers at the time.  Donay goes under & Agassi paints his donay black and yellow. then all of s sudden the Yellow 720 head tri-sis series becomes the Agassi radical. then it became the the Titanium radical ( worst racquet ever ) the the Entire shape of the racquet changes to a mid wide body called the Liquid metal radical Which Novack Djokovich was using before switching to Wilson ( which will bring me back to Federer in a minute ) Then it becomes the Liquid metal flex point, then Agassi retires from tennis. at this time Andy Murray was playing with the head prestige. Now Head loses their best male player and sales person. there is no real sale point of a radical any more because the radical himself doesn't play. so all heads got is Andy Murray.

So Djokovich is with wilson, but you cant paint job a liquid metal because of the ripples in it. so lets build a clone of the head liquid metal radical. hmmm what is like a liquid metal, swords are liquid metal before hardening lets call is a blade.

thus the birth of the Wilson blade. Now sales are down Babbolat is making a killing at this time. let make a blade tour for those serious players and market Novack Yeah!  Novack is #3 in the world, and guess what the frame is so unstable it breaks easily. but Novack keeps playing with the orginal blade and not the tour ( i am speculating here about the blade tour vs original blade ) then as get bought away from Wilson to go back to head the Radical went through so many changes that it wasnt the same racquet anymore like the liquid metal so head creates a new line called speed for Novack.

he lost like every match that first part of the year because they couldn't get the racquet right. but they fixed it for him and  for everyone else too bad.( this is if you bought the white ones ) but the newer black versions that came out the beginning of last year are excellent very much like the original Agassi racquets. then head goes hey Andy Murray you been #4 all theses years you aint selling the prestige any more you are selling the Radicals. so they took his prestige and made it orange and called it the radical. ( Andy murray is a radical like agassi for many years cause Agassi couldn't win a slam either until Sampras was out. ) you can still see the original head prestige head bumper on it. but if you try to buy one in store it looks like an old Volkl.

ok how does this effect me and Federer. this is how. What happened to the Wilson Jack Kramer it became a regular wilson prostaff ( i own one ) then it became the wilson 6.0 when wilson started their own numbering system to introduce a player friendly version known as the 6.1 classic which came in a mid plus size of 95. they forced Edberg into it.  Then wilson stared playing around with materals and changed the graphite and kevlar to hyper graphite and kevlar. even though they still offered the original 6.0 they had different versions. Then Federer comes along in 2001 destroys everyone and the death of the 6.0 started. they changed the color to a yellow and black in a 85 version. ( i wanted that one but could never afford it ) then all of a sudden the Birth of the N-code and the death of the 6.0, they combined the 6.1 classic and the 6.0 to create a new racquet called the N-code 6.1 90 tour which is a great racquet. but no more solid 6.0 were being sold only crappy clones. then after 2 years wilson change it to a k-factor tour 90 which federer won the french with. but the handel of the k-factor tour 90 was different than the n-code. the k-factor grip was more rounded then oval. after 2 year they come out with the BLX 6.1 Tour 90, the handle went a little bigger and more oval it felt more like the n-code and looked better. but federer didnt win many or any majors with it. Thus 2 years later the NEW and improved SIX ONE 90 Prostaff. I( my current racquet ) this racquet has the feel of the k-factor swing, the dampening of the n-code and BLX but feels to me a lighter swing weight and maybe .5 oz lighter. I thinking crap i dont want a lighter racquet Im used to my 13+oz on my racquets.

but with my torn tendon in my elbow i stared thinking that .5oz difference i might need.

Comparing the wilson Pro Staff 85 to the Tour 90 is like cars one handles better and has less power and the other handels great but with a little more power.

my point is

does anyone remember the Wilson Pete Sampras pro staff 88. this racquet was like the original heavy at 13oz it didn't have the curves in the neck leading to the head of the racquet like the 6.1 but it had the same flat beam as the original 6.0
. comparing it like a car it was horrible clone. too heavy, bad balance, no power. it play nothing like the 85 version and nothing like the 90 version.  it was around for 1 year until Sampras started bashing Wilson for babbolat.

second point does anyone remember the Agassi Tour Radical re-issue. that was another horrible clone as well it played nothing like the original head Agassi radical which i just sold my original radical for $90 to one of my students 3 months ago.

last point when federer goes so will the racquet. i might have to go back to Prokennex. aka Black MAX

oh sorry i forgot what this discussion is about. the answer is no i will not miss federer.


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