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Roger will retire.  It's a fact.  What will this do to the sport?  Will you enjoy watching tennis any less?

I'm old. I remember when Sampras was king (and before). I tend to root for the underdog. So I rooted a lot against Pete and Roger too.  However with Rog, I'm starting to root for him at this point. (Something I never came to do with Pete because he bored me.) Roger was so damn good for so long that many of us got sick of him winning everything. But his game is beautiful and he's a great guy, so I'm rooting for another major this year and maybe a Gold at the Olympics. Talk about going out on a high note.

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How does this apply to the Fed?  Same?
No not at all. Federer's game is quite diferent from Sampras.
He has the beautiful game, and is very fun to watch how he will construct a point.  How about that victory over Del Potro yesterday - the King is back!  (for a minute anyway - but DP is not back to his top level.  It really matters how Fed plays against Rafa and Nole.)

When Fed is gone five or more years from now, the game will lose a champion. But I am sure there will be a junior/ young pro that will adapt his technique and better it along the way. At least, I hope so. Losing him will not be fatal to the game, but it will change the competition. 


Grigor Dimitrov, aka "Baby Federer".  ;-)  Though, not as good of a mover as the Chairman Fed yet.  ;-)  Someone to keep an eye out for though.
I'm waiting for Dmitrov as well to make that move, but I am wondering about his mental toughness and his choice of shots. He moved up fast through the rankings but has lost steam.
ok he is going and nothing ,absolutely nothing will change.
everyone was rooting for jimmy connors during that run he had all the way to the semis. especially against his QF match against paul haarhuis. i would love to see roger play into his late 30's

I couldn't agree more!  I hope he sticks around even when he is not in the top 10.  To always go for "one more", and let some of the young kids that grew up idolizing him have a go against him in a major - it would wreck his W/L percentage but who cares?!?


Obviously miss Federer's absence,Roger is the name of a era which gave some thing big and huge to Tennis which others couldn;'t nor can which some biased & ill mentality people Tennis fans can't evaluate.Roger is name of great gentleman,he don't go for overacting & lie statements,he is not liar like Nadal who always takes medical break bath room or asking umpires to stop play as in in 2012 French open final when he was fearing against Nole reason he gaiven was rain,which actually didn't start to dripping,when Federer was going to serve at match point for semis match against Nadal,he ran away to toilet just showed who is arrogant & ill mannered,or Nadal fans are completely able what Novak's behaved when he wins over Nadal.Roger defeated by Nadal because Nadal used drugs to better his stamina & performance,Roger never does that things,why he is out of screen because he has violated the rules by taking drugs,so his every win will be counted as fake with cheat.Roger lost/win always on merit.Roger every time we heard nadal to know about his health,but Nadal is fully enjoying his banned over drugs period instead this he should have observed in caring his legs.Cheat by that cheated behavior he is all so called feats will be counted as zero.once Nadal retires that will be also cleared in front of every body.Not even we but till remain that world Roger will be remembered as Mohammad Ali great Boxer.Roger is leauge of his own.Just wait till great King retires then every body says He would be Genuine king

Today is the 15th anniversary of King Roger bursting onto the ATP rankings list! Roger himself wished for 15 more years! If only we can be so lucky! On to 300 weeks at the top for the Mighty Fed! If Roger outlasts his rivals in Nadal and Djokovich by playing at a high level after they retire does the head to head factor start to go away? Mainly a case of the losing the battles but winning the war? If Rafa and Nole retire today Fed would have won his last major after they won theirs. Just a little incentive for Rafa to continue his therapy.

Interesting points!  I would not be surprised if RF was able to last longer than RN, but ND surely has 8 good more years in him.  Roger is the GOAT already and I don't see that changing based on how much longer he plays - to me anyway.


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