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Roger will retire.  It's a fact.  What will this do to the sport?  Will you enjoy watching tennis any less?

I'm old. I remember when Sampras was king (and before). I tend to root for the underdog. So I rooted a lot against Pete and Roger too.  However with Rog, I'm starting to root for him at this point. (Something I never came to do with Pete because he bored me.) Roger was so damn good for so long that many of us got sick of him winning everything. But his game is beautiful and he's a great guy, so I'm rooting for another major this year and maybe a Gold at the Olympics. Talk about going out on a high note.

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I still root against him and always will.  He is arrogant.  I hate his post match interviews, he is a sore loser, and isn't at all graceful in defeat or in victory.  I will be glad when he leaves.  Yes, his game is amazing to watch, but like you, I totally got tired of all everything Federer, same with Sampras, same with Llendl when he was dominating.  I like the intrigue, the battles, the never really knowing who is going to win.  As a Nadal fan, primarily because he was the one that derailed the Fed-Train, I am actually starting to get tired of him winning everything, however, as long as he denies Fed, I will continue to root hard for Rafa.  I am actually glad Djoko has finally decided not to fear Fed anymore and has been dominating him too.  Gives me someone else to root for that I know has a chance to beat Fed.  BTW, if this turns into a Fed is the GOAT, forget it.  He isn't.  Laver is the only one to have won the GS twice.  Until someone else does it, there is no discussion.
I really dont know where you watch your Tennis or just hate people who are just so darn good, Rogger is a true gentelman, just to let you know when Nadal was just climbing the ladder he almost missed making to the Shanghai open since there was a winter storm in Europe and no flights where taking off, Fed sent his own plane just to get Rafa so he could make it to the tournamnet, he got in to Shanghai just 3 Hours before his first game I am saying this because I was at the tournament and every one was doubtful of him making it and thanks to Fed he did, thats what you call a ture sportsmen, he might never win another tounament but too me he will always be one of the greatest to play the game always humble yes he gets emotional when he loosers but that's becuase he is human its great to win but loosing is always difficult, I really dont know anyone who was more grace and class in the way he plays. take EZ :)    
Well said Murthaza.  I'm glad you reminded me about that plane story.
Mark, I could not agree with you more.  I have a great amount of respect for Fed both as a person and for what he's accomplished but I continue to and will always root against him.  When I first began to follow professional tennis about ten years ago, Fed was just beginning his dominance, and ten years later I have to say I'm pretty damn sick of him and his winning ways.  Someone made the comment that finals without Fed are boring, but I'd have to argue that finals with Fed (when he's not playing Nadal) are a snoozefest because we all know what will happen.  Right now I'm loving his steady decline because it's given other players like Djokovic a chance to compete for a slam final.  In my opinion when Fed leaves for good, there will be an exciting ambiguity to the men's tennis world.  Like the women's side right now, with no one player to dominate the competition day in and day out, the path to a slam final will be wide open.  When this happens, any number of players might make it to the end, some of which will be representing their country for the first time in a final.
To Mark, I don't think there is ever a clear and concise enough method to determine GOAT. I've always reasoned there could be a GOTT (Greatest Of Their Time) but never a GOAT. Different technology, difference surfaces, different opponents...what I will say, however, is that its hard to bet against Federer in the argument for ONE OF the GOAT. Granted, I've never been a Federer fan, but I will give credit where it is due. He utterly dominated hard and grass surfaces for years and even now is still only losing to people in the top 10 (mostly Nadal and Djoker). I think he'll be around for quite a few years to come. That being said, I don't think he'll be the single dominate person in tennis ever again. And if Djoker continues to play like he is on hard courts, Nadal won't be able to sweep through all the tournaments, giving a true rivalry in the sport once again. But to answer the original question (sorry lol got on a rant) I don't think Federer will be missed, cuz the Federer that ppl grew to love seems to be gone already.
Cordell, I will go with you on every account.  GOTT, perhaps, but even that is being scrutinized because he can't beat his primary rival (Rafa).  At least those are the accounts I have read recently.  I will also give him credit for dominating a good three-four years, when there really was no competition.  He took advantage of a good situation.  I too would like to see Djoko come alive, I think it bodes well for tennis as whole.  I guess we will see.  I just don't think we have seen someone as driven as Rafa before.  It will be interesting.  But also agree, Feds glory days are behind him.

Totally got off track there Cordell!  :-)

I had to look back up at my question to see if I mentioned GOAT.  :-)

You say: I don't think Federer will be missed, cuz the Federer that ppl grew to love seems to be gone already.


That is exactly why he'll be missed.  So many people expect so much from him, when he falls from the top 5 and even top 10, people will definitely wax nostalgic.  Maybe even me.

I will miss Roger because I like to see great tennis. What an era he has helped define. He'll never dominate the way he has in the past, but he's still at the top. And when he's gone, I'll miss all the great tennis and interesting rivalries.
Roger is the GOAT and will forever be known as the one. He's amazing to watch at no matter what age you are and no matter which country you are from and no matter what tongue you speak in. He is the man that plays with grace and elegance and seems to just float over the court inhuman like. I will miss him when he's gone.
Well said Natalia.  Fed is the most beautiful player of all time.  Wait, I can already hear the guys saying, "no, it's Ana or Maria!"  So let me say, the most beautiful game of all time.  ;-)
Good thing you clarified that Mayor, might have had to drop your wife a line and let her know your man crush.  I agree though, he does have an awesome game to watch.  That will definitely be missed. 
speaking of being gone, where did you disappear to ?  i


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