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So here is the scoop. So there is a Guy that Plays & Teaches Tennis AT sandy springs tennis center near my new job at concourse athletic club. My Tennis instruction lessons & Classes website for Marietta ga...

We both do work for another networking group similar to tennisopolis except its completely local.  my Director at the CAC just finished playing a tournament. He trained and everything. the director kept talking about the tournament everyday at work gave me the itches to play one. ,I began thinking about how to accomplish that so " hey why don't I do an exhibition match against the other pro/local competition and kill 2 birds with one stone.


the Match was presented to the other pro and accepted.


So the Match is ON May 28th 7pm at  Roswell Tennis center in Roswell area. I start training this Monday. I will hear later on this week where it will be played.


I have heard that the person doesn't think much of me and plans on beating my pants off. Well im not gay so I will just keep my pants on, win  & leave it at that.


I will be sporting Midnight Machete Apparel for the Tennis Match.

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What kind of pro only has one racket.....:).....I can send you some.
I used to roll around with racquet. If you see an opponent with 1 racquet its usually a good sign but it could be a very baad sign for you
so true, but if you have one stick I'm pretty sure you're not a big topspin, heavy hitting player, unless you always have fresh strings in it.
PS I Will Tweet Updates PLease Follow at
no tweets or updates.........what the

I couldnt get the Tweets in. just poor court managment on my part. 


I lost 7-6, 6-4.

First set I was up 2-0 with my bulldozer plan.  Then I realized that this guy is old, & Cant hit powerful clean shots. So I got board and lost focus.  He was winning at 2-5 in the fiirst & the Wiffy brough out the baby to come watch. then I decided to play a little. I brough it up to 5-5, 5-6, to the tie breaker where i lost like 7-4,


I broke my string on my first choice racquet about 11am &. My second choice racquet felt like crap so I started playing with my Jack Kramer woody, which felt so much better.  I still lost in the second set but I really didnt care it was pointless after I saw him play.  there is no real winning in beating someone weaker.


Its like a 14 YO playing quick-start tennis for a 8 & under tournament. So I just played and made him run and paid attention to my playing habits for my next match or tournament. I realized lots of old habits of mine that I am trying to break. But Say la vie.

My arm is busted , and I just got home at 1am. Good day for tennis. from 8am to 1am the next day.

The Video will be up some time this weekend.
Tough break. Did the old dude let you keep your pants? j/k

AFTER Match info.


Good Morning I slept from 1am to 1140am And All i can Say is OUCH. Strength has come back a little in my right arm. THere is still much pain there( elbow nerve damage.)  IT got so bad that I started playing lefty. I could not even hold up my racquet Yesterday.  Lower Back Pain, And minor upper back.


After this post I will begin to start to tranfer the video for youtube. Then I will discuss what I did good and bad for my match.

Cool.. Sorry you lost CoachV; sometimes those old pros are way better than they appear.  They have tennis smarts.  Was your nerve damage caused by the Jack Kramer?
Did you really say there was no point in winning? Never heard a coach say that. Get after him beat him 1 and 0 and start drinking water in the shade if you have another match.

In this case you should have finished him quickly and been first to get to the beer

Winning is kinda important bro.
yep, if you have some ailments, never waste your time, 0-0 and let the beer flow. The longer you stay out there issues can arise.


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