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So here is the scoop. So there is a Guy that Plays & Teaches Tennis AT sandy springs tennis center near my new job at concourse athletic club. My Tennis instruction lessons & Classes website for Marietta ga...

We both do work for another networking group similar to tennisopolis except its completely local.  my Director at the CAC just finished playing a tournament. He trained and everything. the director kept talking about the tournament everyday at work gave me the itches to play one. ,I began thinking about how to accomplish that so " hey why don't I do an exhibition match against the other pro/local competition and kill 2 birds with one stone.


the Match was presented to the other pro and accepted.


So the Match is ON May 28th 7pm at  Roswell Tennis center in Roswell area. I start training this Monday. I will hear later on this week where it will be played.


I have heard that the person doesn't think much of me and plans on beating my pants off. Well im not gay so I will just keep my pants on, win  & leave it at that.


I will be sporting Midnight Machete Apparel for the Tennis Match.

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There could have been potential clients watching... you never
I agree CoachV. It sounds like you don't think this guy was better than you.  But the scoreboard tells all.  You should dig in and win if you think you are better.  I'm giving you a bit of tough love here.  But I think there is something to talk about here.

Oh yeah there is. one never judge a book by its cover.  Although this mans personality has been over the top the few times I met him its true that he might have changed since then. 2. He had better had skills than I expected but still much weaker than a 5.0, it was like a 4.0 with really good soft touch. 3. I really wanted to hit and be challenged, I didnt want to win by simply out powering the person.  Any young guy can do that to an older guy especially if they are not on that level. 4. I took the match for granted and didnt train- at all. ( i dont think losing 5 lbs is considered training.  if it was then I had a good loss. * of weight * ) 5. I discovered again that matches hurt, I though that MY talent would be enough ubt after the match I loss my right arm. 6 Prepare your tennis equipment. 7. Finish points. And What I mean is I was so board that I stop thinking, and I just watch him run and hit instead of closing in & turning up the pressure.  BEcause Everytime I closed in after an attack he missed, completly, even the Winning point was a miss hit winner for him. 7 I did started to feel better when I was playing with my woody & I was trying to motivate myself to win but with the lack of focus its possible I was cheated out of the second set, doesnt matter either way because I didnt know the score anyhow. BUt that's that, the exhibition is over Ive got second place, there was no trash talking, no betting, nothing on the line, truly a worthless match. INteresting thigs though are..... The we had the national anthem was sung by the Club owner, we had a Jet plane fly over, and a little person.  The most interesting event I have ever had. ( the Jet was a model plane )



I did pick up three new clients, all of them new. My old clients/ players in the group enjoyed the match & I played tennis with a "little person" for the first time in my life and we rocked as a doubles team & I was even with me playing lefty till 1130pm at night. * my arm was dead from the match, Still hurting today. *

I will be putting up the video tonight. its only an hour of the match.

Ya. You owe it to your clients to compete so you know these things (to think and not just hit, to finish points, to prepare your equipment) good work and keep it up
Sounds like a fun tournament.  Emulating a slam with the singing of the national anthem and the model plane fly over!   Pretty cool.  You may have lost the match, but you really won 3 new clients!

Ive have just finished editing the video. Its was an hour long but now its like 30 mins. You will have almost the complete first set and 2 all of the second. I didnt even start to play well until i switch to my ProStaff Jack Kramer PRO. YES This one. and Ive got my only ace with it too.


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