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Has beens!!!!!!!!


So here is the scoop. So there is a Guy that Plays & Teaches Tennis AT sandy springs tennis center near my new job at concourse athletic club. My Tennis instruction lessons & Classes website for Marietta ga...

We both do work for another networking group similar to tennisopolis except its completely local.  my Director at the CAC just finished playing a tournament. He trained and everything. the director kept talking about the tournament everyday at work gave me the itches to play one. ,I began thinking about how to accomplish that so " hey why don't I do an exhibition match against the other pro/local competition and kill 2 birds with one stone.


the Match was presented to the other pro and accepted.


So the Match is ON May 28th 7pm at  Roswell Tennis center in Roswell area. I start training this Monday. I will hear later on this week where it will be played.


I have heard that the person doesn't think much of me and plans on beating my pants off. Well im not gay so I will just keep my pants on, win  & leave it at that.


I will be sporting Midnight Machete Apparel for the Tennis Match.

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are you losing 1-2lbs. a day, if so nice and amazing work
Im a Pro. Its in the BLOOD.

Ok ive done a bad thing.

I have eaten a box of cookies. fake-kroger oreo's with Mint cream. There goes my diet.  well see in the morning. th muscle I put on yesterday is still healing. Sux for me, but today I ate like a champion.


Cookie monster would be proud!

The Match has been moved!!!!!!!

SATURDAY 7pm Roswell area Tennis Courts. or Public Courts. or Roswell area tennis center. I dont really know the name.

Did you need a bigger venue for the fans, or for his ego....

todays Weigh in Friday!

WE have rain here now. It will be interesting to see if we get a chance to play. & Yes thats my real toe.

No Ive got tennis camp, sports camp, Jr.Academy, jr. development Classes, & a career to take care of now.

so i had to move the match. not because of his or mine big ego.......

for my big stomach.
I'll be at work waiting to hear how it goes! Good luck!
Can your wife log in here and post some updates during the match CoachV?

Match Day Weigh in.....DDDDDDDDDD( Drum roll )

Im still 15 to 17lbs over, but thats enough to get around the court for 1 day.  Ive got lessons from 830am to 3 pm stright. so i expect to lose another 2 or 3lbs or gain about 2 lbs from water weight.

OK GUys I am Heading out to my Match NOw in roswell. I only have 1 racquet. I broke a string during my lesson this morning so im taking out the back ups.

and a Sportflite bamboo overlay woodie


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