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So here is the scoop. So there is a Guy that Plays & Teaches Tennis AT sandy springs tennis center near my new job at concourse athletic club. My Tennis instruction lessons & Classes website for Marietta ga...

We both do work for another networking group similar to tennisopolis except its completely local.  my Director at the CAC just finished playing a tournament. He trained and everything. the director kept talking about the tournament everyday at work gave me the itches to play one. ,I began thinking about how to accomplish that so " hey why don't I do an exhibition match against the other pro/local competition and kill 2 birds with one stone.


the Match was presented to the other pro and accepted.


So the Match is ON May 28th 7pm at  Roswell Tennis center in Roswell area. I start training this Monday. I will hear later on this week where it will be played.


I have heard that the person doesn't think much of me and plans on beating my pants off. Well im not gay so I will just keep my pants on, win  & leave it at that.


I will be sporting Midnight Machete Apparel for the Tennis Match.

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This sounds like a lot of fun.  Be sure to post a lot of the pictures here.

Do you have any idea who is going to win this thing?  Who's the favorite?

Well like all tennis egos we both think that we are going to win. The difference is that I know that he might be a player of some ability, but he believes that I am a player of no ability.   So If I blitzkrieg and Peek for the match day I might be able to steam roll him over before he gets his mind together. I am going to try to Video tape the match and Post it for self & public view


I also know that if i lose and he is a good player I will be able to learn something.  Either I didn't prepare enough or something new for my own game & coaching of players.


My bet is that he will quit or a " REASON " aka excuse other that he got his butt whooped

Well According to event organizer of East Cobb Tennis. We are both great with the trash talking.  Except that I think Im funnier and better looking.

He claims to never of had heard of me even though we met each other and worked at the same place. this guy is in his own little tennis world. I plan to destroy his reality and show him the truth. I will Make him swallow the blue pill ( Matrix movie )

Match footage please!

Check out mine from yesterday =)
You should "analyze" how to hit a top spin backhand. I think you were 1 for 3 in that clip.

ICouldn't hit back hands that day. But I was able to hit them when it really counted but always missed the easy shots. MY favorite CoachV Quote is " no one misses the tough Shots, just the easy ones. " good movment is required for good backhands. and since I couldnt move well I didnt have good backhands.


But hey Jim Courier doesn't have a backhand or volleys either. and he was #1 in the world

this is from 2008.

I couldnt walk, run or breath in this match. I only had 3 hours of sleep and finished a 3 topping 16inch pappa johns piza the night before this final.


what level is that CoachV........Open?
ahh ok, you really like you BH don't you....:)
its the Blake Family backhand.
Do they also kick their left foot back in the air during the swing?  Seems like if you could keep that planted you could generate more power.  My 2 cents.

Well all good backhands Kick their back leg in the air. But Mr.T.Blake showed/made me drag the back foot first. Over time it evolved into kicking into the air, but the concept is the same. no weight on the back leg.

My professional advice on backhands.


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