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Really looking forward to the AO, like usual tennis goes missing for two weeks over Xmas and new year and we all lose the plot and dribble with excitement and anticipation of the first grand slam of the year.


Is this gonna be any different than usual, is anyone going to break the stranglehold that these top four players have in the big events?


Who are the contenders? These are my few.....


Tsonga: big chance this year, loads of confidence coming into the tourney.


Roanic: watching him in Chennai, he is just so explosive. Big game against Tipsy today, if he wins and takes that confidence into the AO, no-one will want to see him in their side of the draw.


Berdych: playing well in the Hopman cup demolishing Guasquet, I like him here, should go far.


Isner: Has the game here but has he got the brain, looking for big things from him this year.


Del Potro: hopefully back fit after and back on form, if he is then he is a time bomb ticking for one of the four fairly early in the tourney with his ranking.


I dont see anyone else, of course there will be upsets but I believe only these 5 players can break the stranglehold of the top four guys. With they tho, probably not!

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We will see, but I don't think Berdych is going to do it.

Called it.  However, I did think the Fed-Delpo match was going to be closer.

Berdych could've easily had a two sets to love lead, but blew it with that backhand volley. Nadal was in all sorts of trouble, but Berdych got too nervous. Oh well.

Delpo was very lackluster. He just wasn't sharp or threatening enough.

Whats the feel for the next set of quarterfinal matches?  Who do you like?

Novak is 6-5 over Ferrer.  I hope David puts up a better resistance than Kei on Murray.

That's a tighter head to head than I ever expected. Hmm, is there any chance of an upset. I'm sure Mark T. hopes so. lol

Ferrer can give Djoko fits, I won't say he can't. He's like a dogbiter. lol

Murray is gonna thrash Nishikori. Or Lendl is gonna thrash Murray if he loses. hehe!

As for the semis, I'm kinda feeling Rafa lurking, if you want me to go based on feeling alone. Those courts are slow enough for Rafa to manhandle Fed.

Fed is playing pretty well to give Rafa a scare but no matter the outcome, the winner will be too tired resulting in a lackluster final performance

Hmm, you must be reading my facebook because that is exactly what I posted. That Fed will get thru to the final but will be too tired to play Djokovic. 

So to answer my original question.......Nobody can upset the top 4 !!!!!!!! (and not for the forseable future)


Well we pretty much had it right, all the main men made it thro to the second week. The biggest upset probably Tsonga's loss to Nishikori, I was rather shocked as he seemed to have made a breakthough at the world finals and was full of confidence.

Also it was good to see Tomic take a step forward into the big boys arena and its interesting to see the problems that Dolgo has with his all out aggressive game. Roanic needs to work on his game, personally I think he needs to change his strings (M2pro) and set up, upping the tension from 42lbs to somewhere closer to 50. OK this set up is great for his serve and explosive forehand but he has major problems with consistency. On the other side of the coin I feel Ferrer could do with lowering his tension. He never looks like he can hit thro anyone, yes consistency and movement are his game but even tho Nole was messing with us with his lame hip I never thought that he would get beat.

Berdych hmmm.....shame about the bh volley to go 2 sets up against Nadal, but what a game he has and I genuinly thought Nadal was in trouble. Wilander on Eurosport is one of the most boring commentators to listen to but he does have wise words to say.......Berdych needs to move forward and finish off at the net and get accustomed to doing this, only then can he break through the wall that is the top four. I completely agree, great serve, great groundstrokes but you could see his hesitency about moving forward. If he cant beat the big boys now with his game then he needs to not stand still and do something different. Imagine if he added that to his game he would of beat Nadal, maybe Fed too ?? He is the only top established player outside of the top 4 who has the room to improve imo.


As for the semis, who knows, they could all do it. Ive changed my mind and Im going for a Murray v Fed final. My bracket is the opposite, Nole v Nadal. What I can say without doubt is we are in for a couple of crackers.


Talking of a couple of crackers, Im not one for the womens game if im honest but Im really looking forward to the Kvitova v Sharapova semi :)

Tsonga is always going to be the way he is. He has a great time when his flat Eastern forehand gets in and his serve gets hot, he's riding in his Cadillac. But when he's not, he's in a PT Cruiser with a lame transmission. 

Tomic needs a better serve that gets him free points and more dimension of threat to the other player.

Raonic's groundies need work. 42 lbs with M2 pro on the main tour, is he doing a Jim Grabb? That's like a senior club player's setup.

How tight is Ferrer's racquet? Is it 60 lbs or more? What's his string?

Yeah, Berdych volleyed more this time out, which I like. If only he made that backhand volley. He was stretched out, but he overplayed it to the corner off balanced. He could've just angled towards the other side. His footwork is too choppy coming up. He needs to glide up like an Edberg or Mac. lol

Murray Fed?  C'mon now! That's plain weird. just kidding. I don't know about Djoko's hip or leg or whatever it is. Did not look good for him. If Djoko is fine, he's gonna beat Murray. Fed vs Nadal I have no clue, it's whoever wins the first set. :)

Think Ferrer uses BBO .....


would agree with your comments except for you taking for granted Nole beating Murray. Murray always had the edge on Novak until last year. If Murray steps up to the plate and stops his whinging then I can see him having the edge over his good friend again......we'll see I expect it to be close.


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