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Here's the list of top 20 Tennisopolites for the month.

What number are you?

What is the highest you have been?

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Not currently.  The highest was #1.

I think I remember that.  Was that around Wimbledon last year?

Something like that.  There is so much "chatter" this year, that it has been near impossible to even break into the top 20.  That is definitely a good thing.

Yes, we are really starting to build a community here - kinda cheezy sounding but it seems like everyone is starting to figure out each others personality (at least their online persona anyway!)  ;-)

Alright, the cat's out of the bag, you figured out my online persona, Mark.  Might as well let everyone else know.  I'm E-Superman!

I am currently 8th in the southern usta...

Coach I think Mark is talking about the leaderboard. I'm not sure what my highest rank is but I'm not on it currently.

Coach is messing with us.

Chin, I see you are up to 4 now!  Congratulations.  This is your highest, no?

Thank you Mark. This is definitely my highest.

Nice rise to number 3, but there is no way you are getting past Kyle and me.  Sucka!

I was about to respond about the USTA top 20. Haha That's my goal by next year is to break the top 100 in the USTA. Haha this should stir the pot up a little bit, or will it?

It will!  When you say top 100 of USTA, what do you mean?  What age group?


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