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anyone... ?? Id like to work on my backhand... can you please help ?

hi there, ive been playing off and on... for a while my backhand.. is a struggle. id like to know where im going wrong.. on my stroke.. its a bit rough thank you sabi

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Just open to continual debate on technique. Hope you don't mind, Mark. lol

Edberg was a great S &V specialist. There are times when you must use your athleticism and the grip selection may change a bit. I suggest catching the ball earlier so you aren't dealing with it so high. That will come with better anticipation skill and experience. Gotta Love the game!

I used to hit with a former Dutch junior and I caught him in the first few matches, not ready for the over the top backhand chip. But then he became used to the attack and put up heavy topspin forehand lobs or hard flatter passes. It was only when I began to learn how to do the full topspin drive return that I got the advantage back.

I believe the game has changed quite a bit where heavy topspin with power forces you to learn those grips players would deem for claycourters. But with Djokovic and Nadal in the Top 4, I believe it is a sign for U.S. tennis to catch up and learn the clay courters methods. It is a mistake for American players to not benefit from knowledge taken from the clay court. The Top 5 players have excellent defense and can change trajectories and angles to extend rallies. Stiff racquets and poly strings have definitely changed the game a great deal.

Just look at the banner on top. Copy the yellow guy.

Copy the yellow guy who copied Federer or Blake. lol

I hate poly strings, Many of my string breakers have used these in hybrids to delay string breakage but I can't stand the feel. The stiff frames and combined with polys can hurt your arm. stiff strings and stiff rackets= no bueno. The speed of courts have changed, in my opinion that has been a big mistake. Why slow down Wimbledon? So clay specialists could play. I miss the variety. I was really amazed on the limited play at the junior tournament I went to. Baseline only should have been the name of the event. Modern Tennis has been promoted in Europe and S. America for years. The use of low compression balls has also been used for years so we need to employ as well. Tennis is the best first sport for children so we need to bring it to the kids.

Yes, I remember you said this in another thread somewhere. I love poly strings and stiff racquets on the other hand and lots of spin. But I still do serve and volley and come to the net when I have the chance.

The game has changed from when I played high school tennis in 1989. Most of the guys WERE serve and volley on that team. But I took ten years off and when I came back, I didn't even know who Fed and Nadal were. Djokovic was breaking on the scene. So I swore I'd figure out what was their techniques.

Wimbledon was a little faster this year and garnered major upsets. Maybe things will change even more next year.


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