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That's a rhetorical question, since I know I'm not the only one. Why the topic suddenly? Cause a friend just send me an MMS (those SMS text message with photo) of Roddick with the news that he just won his match on Friday night at the SAP open in San Jose. So he's on to the Semi. I could care less.

I still remember the incident at the SAP Open several years ago when he played Nishikori. He was being a complete bully to Nishikori, even making some borderline racist comments ("go back to Japan"). Not impressed by him as ambassador of tennis in US.

Incidentally, I felt like an idiot myself because I was there watching his match and a few minutes before the incident, I was discussing with a friend sitting next to me about Roddick. My friend was not a big fan of Roddick. Blah, blah, blah, she explained. And there I was defending Roddick by kept saying "really? He said that" or "really, he was like that". I added how I thought Roddick was pretty nice everytime I saw him during the interview.  Then, less than 10 minutes after the conversation I saw his unsportsmanship behavior in front of my eyes. Boy, was I wrong.  'nuf said.

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Nope you're not! I don't think he's a jerk but I just can't stand to watch him on court. Everyone thinks he's awesome but he just annoys the living day lights out of me...
Yeah, with regards to his game, I also think that he has improved. And like you said, he needs to stop being a baby just as Murray did. Murray has improved his attitude on court; he used to be very negative and a brat himself. I used to not like Murray, but has now started liking him after he grows up. My blog was strictly about the soft-game of Roddick, not about his skills or technical ability.

Incidentally, I saw another Roddick on-court behavior at the last SAP open just this past weekend where a linesman called a ball in and he kept mumbling something and making disgusted gestures about the call. This continues to the next point where he turned around and said something to the linesman. Stop whining and concentrate on improving your game and beating the top 10 players.

CoachV - William Vazquez said:
Uh-oh - do you think this thread will have the legs of I Hate Nadal?
Well . . . if it's true that AROD actually said what you wrote above . . . how very disappointing. I kinda always was pulling for him . . . though I know he probably cant overtake RF or Nadal . . . but, until hearing about that comment, I've been a somewhat fan. I hope that it's not true -- but, if it is, it's hard to look the other way. Well, I guess most super-athletes are basically prima donnas -- think rules of normal behavior dont apply to them. I guess each and every super-star athlete is basically a Mike Vick in the making. How sad.
I remember at one of the Australian Opens he had a tiff with the umpire and he started screaming at everyone in the crowd, "Hey kids, stay in school or you'll end up an umpire!" So yeah... needless to say, I don't agree with his behavior either.
And he sucks at tennis too.... ha ha


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