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I've been on this website for 2 months now and i've electronically come across some cool players, pro's, and overall helpful guru's..  Anybody up for arranging an actual meet-up besides myself?  How about making a trip out to an ATP tournament (Farmer's Classic or Atlanta, etc) and setting up match get-togethers?  Here's my match wishlist:


singles against Mike Dong - loser gets to buy meat and man the BBQ grill

singles against William V - loser gets to buy the other person reebok shoes

singles against John Spoerl - loser buys the beer/alcohol (yeah, it will be me)

singles against Mr. Mayor - loser buys more alcohol

singles against Myiesha - just bragging rights before her tennis career shoots up and she turns WTA pro busy


get on the doubles court with Hal, Mr. Mayor, Tim P., Todd S - John S can only heckle coz' he already be buzzed then... 


Apologies if i left somebody out but speak up..


What you say people?  Comments, ideas?  I'm serious, let's make this happen!



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Babe, Je n'aime pas me vanter.  S'il vous plait supprimer ces commentaires.

De voyage ne se passe pas.  Pas assez de gens interesses.  La plupart ici n'est pas reel.
so i guess the trip to cali is not happening then.  flight$ are outrageous at this point.  maybe cincy?   I highly doubt that mass-meetup for tennisopolis will not happen, can't even decide and organize even just with 6 or 7 active people from here.  :-( 
It'll happen.  It will just have to marinate for a little while and build up steam slowly.  Flight prices may have to come down a bit too.  Maybe the fall?
This would be so much fun!  I'm totally game!  Maybe we can even get Mike from MM and Derek from and maybe some others help us to sponsor this event.  I would really like to see this happen.  I think we should pick a date and build the hype from there.

If everybody on here donated $1.00 it could happenn and we should video it

I got fiiiive on it!  hehe
LOL I was gna say that too Mike hahahaha!
Hey, thanks for mentioning me here. I hit in Los Angeles and my hood, San Bernardino. Anyone shows up at my home court there, gets to see the ugly construction going on the freeway here and maybe a tour up Big Bear mountain.

Much appreciated Tim, we'll take you up on that offer if not this summer, sometime soon.  Am and I just joined two mixed doubles leagues so will be a busy two-three months.  



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