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How about a thread about everyone's top choice for apparel?

Personally I wear a lot of Puma (they're sport stuff; not their fashion-y stuff) & Adidasbecause they're stuff fits well on me. I'm 5'7"/145 lbs, and sometimes a Nike small size shirt on me (and actually Adidas too) looks like a shirt made for a gorilla. Plus Nike can sometimes be ridiculously overpriced.

I also wear a lot of shorts by Lotto. I really like them. They move well; the pockets are a perfect size, and they're also the perfect length for me.

I also have a fair amount of stuff from Fila because a lot of my favorite pros wear Fila.

I have smatterings of stuff from Diadora (a couple shirts), Ellesse (a couple pairs of shorts) and Le Coq (one shirt).


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I like Balle De Match good clothing made for tennis players at a resonable price typically lower than nike/adidas stuff although the nike/adidas is very nice.
Well, Terence, you clearly have more money to spend on tennis apparel than I do. If I could afford it I would wear K-Swiss. Just classy stuff they have.
yep, he obviously has the money. i just go to wal mart or target. the apparel they sell is just about as good and cost less.
How about the men's tees from DTL Down The Line Sportswear? Pretty cool graphic tees in micropoly. Nothing like it on the courts.
The ladies tennis apparel is great. Rhinestone tennis apparel, fashion forward gear.

What ever happens to be on sale at Sports Authority, or Target. I prefer to wear dry fit shirts with breathable sides or sleevles.
However tennis shoes are a different story. I replace my Tennis Shoes every 3-5 months I play at least 3x weekly for 2-3 hours. My $ goes into my foot wear not my shirt or shorts. I am not out there for a fashion show.

Nothing but Nike Air Court Ballistics for me. They fit well , light weight and manuverable and offer me plenty of cushioing without the extra weight.
I am a player that likes to run and will do my best to chase down every shot.
I'll have to check those nike kicks out. I've been a barricade wearer for about 4 years. Very durable shoe with great traction and good cushion. Kind of stiff at first, but wear in nicely.

As for the clothes, I have mostly adidas shorts and nike shirts. I love the nike caps that are real light weight, you know the ones. I'm liking longer shorts lately, but not real baggy. It is hard to find these, but seems more companies are making the long shorts finally.
For a while I stuck to mostly nike stuff but recently I've really taking a liking to K-Swiss. Needing a new pair of tennis shoes at the start of spring, I bought a pair of K-Swiss from my local Sports Authority and they're by far the most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever worn. I also love the crews that K-Swiss offers (my favorite tennis shirt I own is a K-Swiss crew) because they're designs are just classy as Matt said. If I were on the ATP hands down I'd totally be sponsored by K-Swiss.
My shoes are Barricade 5, and K-Swiss Ascendor; both are very nice. Barricades have more cushion but K-Swiss is lighter. My dri-fit shirts and shorts come from the discount stores and Golfsmith: I never pay over $15 and find most of the name brands - Adidas, Asics, Avia, Dunlop, Fila, New Balance, Nike, Prince, Wilson, to name a few. For me, they all get the job done and some of them look and fit really well! I am 5'9" and 170 and can sometimes get a size small that fits really well, too.

Also, I play doubles 3X a week appx 4 hours each time out and replaced both pairs of shoes in January and it looks like they will get me through the rest of the year.
I would say any of my argyle shirts, Lendl shoes, Lendl shorts and sawdust!
Gotta love the "package" of sawdust in those short shorts.
how much sawdust do you have in your pocket?
i am a prince and fila kinda guy. fila is a very light clothing company for athelets.


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