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How difficult is it and does it take a long time.

Im thinking about getting a gamma x6 stringing machine (350 bucks),
and probably would just do my own rackets but if its too time consuming
or difficult to do a decent job then I would probably stick with taking it to the
local stringer.

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It's better to start with the Gamma X2. That's what I own. It's pretty easy to learn. You can learn how to string from youtube videos. It usually takes about 45 minutes to do one for a drop weight machine. Good luck.
it took me two and a half hours. i have at least 10 rackets. by the time i got done with the 10th i was down to an hour and a half. i borke a few sets along the way too. so don't get frustrated. that machine you have will pay off for itself after a few stringing jobs. offer to strings friends rackets for a decent fee they provide the strings.
I used to back in the old days...but just too much effort...
I'd pay a few bucks to have someone else do it for me...
With the cost of initial investment and time, it just isn't worth it in my opinion.
You probably make more money for the time it takes to string a racket then what stringers charge...
In the end, it's just not worth it...
I'd only get it if you are very nit picky about it and don't trust others to do the job right..
Hey everyone! There's a Racket Stringers group here too. Join that, I know John will be able to help you out.
I also recommend a drop-weight machine - I have the gamma x-stringer - cost a lot less than $350. Takes me a leisurly hour from start to finish (setting up machine, cutting out old strings, etc). As I like soft-arm-friendly strings I can go through them pretty fast, so having the ability to string at any time is a real plus for me. And don't forget the time and cost of driving to and from your tennis shop.
i have a prince P200 stand up machine that i bought for $100 . it might be 20 + yeARS OLD, but it still does the job.
Once you're familiar with stringing, it'll take about 40 minute to string one.
it takes practice. you have to string at least a racket everyday to get this fast.
I agree with jun on the speed. I string a racket every other week and only get under an hour total by pre-lacing the mains and then tensioning only every other main (so I don't have to tension mains from the handle side). I'm a 4.0 player so it's good enough for my playing ability. Another tip - consider lacing the crosses one "run" ahead of the tensioning. I find tensioning with a previous loose cross is easier.
If you string your own same racquet, after 10 times, you'll get it down under an hour.
Although, some racquets are easier to string than others.
I string my own as wells as most of the locals in the area. Definitely a good purchase I would find someone near that would allow you to watch them string a few and possibly look over you stringing your own. Not hard to learn and unless money is no object it is a good investment. I would spend a little more on a nice crank stringer rather than a drop weight. If you choose to keep taking it to a retailer look one up through The United States Racquet Stringers Association you never know when you have a new employee learning to string on your racquet.
drop weights are just as accurate (and probably better) than the crank. especially if you are just starting out.


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