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I want to spread the news about Tennisopolis. A press release would be helpful to send to tennis publications and websites. Do we got anybody here with a gift for the written word?

It wouldn't need to be too long, and I could add to it as well. Open to any ideas.

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Hello Mark,

I write books/stories. I'll try to dream up a gotcha and send it along. Check my work:
Thanks Walker! I look forward to what you come up with.
Hi Mark. How many PR people responded so far? I have PR ability. Question for you. Can you set the people who sign up with specific location in the sign in? I want to meet new people in my area but the new sign ups don't always put their locale in the first line. I've had some fun playing with my new buddy Michael from the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks area but meeting more like that would be great.
In order to fulfill the news release one would need some basic information to get started. If you still want someone to help write it, let me know.
Roz, Thank you so much! I'll message you to get the ball rolling on the PR.

As to finding members, right now you can use the search function on the main page. But, as of now, I've made the location field optional because some people are very private. I am working on a Google map that shows all the members, but the crazy thing is that we have TOO MANY members for just one map, so I'll have to break the map down by timezones or something similar.... I hope this helped. The best is to start or join the group in your area and then post a note in the forum there. I've found that more people respond to someone than post the original "hello".

Thanks again!
I'll work with Michael since he started the group. But, I also wanted to let you know that the growth of your site is key to a PR campaign.
Testimonals, like the one I gave you about finding a new partner who is perfect for me in my area for the time of day I wanted to play is key.
Realizing that local press in all the local areas where groups have sprung up will be important as people still read local news in their papers and listen to news on radio or catch up on TV.
Internet marketing is still new but the reach is phenomenal.
How many members are spreading via other networking sites for you? Do you have any way of finding out? Etc. Etc. These are the topics that would make your press release interesting and relevant in today's fast news cycles.
With regard to the "groups" - some are actually active groups (with meeting times and all that), but most are just a place to find others in the area.

PR: Great. I just sent you a message. (top left corner). Yes that testimonial is great. right, this site actually "does something."
since niche socials are all the rage right now, I think that angle could work. Tennis is interesting because it is like the perfect reason to have a social network site - you hang online, but also have a reason to get together in "the real world."

There are a couple of cities that come to mind where the group growth has been very very fast (austin, portland, DC, westside LA)
Shout outs are a great tool too!

Tons of individual press releases in their own right! Just gotta get the ball rollin'. Maybe we should give everyone Pepsi - "WAKE UP PEOPLE!" :P
Mark, looks like your're getting some members with PR experience interested in helping. I have very little PR experience, but I tell a good story. I'll leave it to the experienced ones. All I know is that you Site is totally awesome. Red beans and ricely,
I could get a word out on the city newsletter (i.e. Tualatin) possibly if you are interested in that.

I pose as a writer

Please don't tell them that I'm a product of LAUSD and I'm virtually illiterate...

Lemme know. I blog alot.

Like, everywhere darlin'
Hi Jessica. Roz here. How ya doing? Blogging is so great. Mark should talk to you more about where you blog. How's next week for a tennis game? What's your week like?


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