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Found this on rueters:

Tennis authorities have a tough task to stop match-fixing because it is too easy to fix results, said Martina Navratilova.

Navratilova, the winner of 59 grand slam titles, said the sport had to do whatever it takes to put an end to the scandals that rocked tennis in 2007.

A match involving Russian world number four Nikolay Davydenko in August is one of several under investigation because of irregular betting patterns.

Several players on the men's tour have admitted being offered money to throw a match but all insist they refused the bribes.

"It's pretty new this match-fixing idea," Navratilova told reporters at the Hopman Cup in Perth on Monday.

"So we'll see where it goes (but) of course, if it is a problem, it's pretty easy to throw a tennis match because it's so hard to prove.

"We have to make sure that the sport stays clean, both on the drug side as well as any kind of betting scandal. We have to keep it clean whatever it takes."

"We need to make sure that, most of all, the players understand what's at stake here."

The Australian Open, the first grand-slam event of the year which begins in Melbourne on Jan. 14, will introduce a set of security measures, including the banning of unauthorised laptops in the stands.

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I can't believe that the AO is only 13 days away!
Nanova, you're hilarious! After that whole article on cheating, all you get out of it is that the AO is within 2 weeks. LOL.

Thought I'd take it back to the beginning of Tennisopolis.  I came across this post, and my wheels started to turn.  That's just what tennis needs...a Don King!  lol   Maybe I should start promoting tennis matches!  NOT

I'm so glad this Davydenko scandal is over. I never thought for once it was true. Although I agree with Martina...

I agree - it must not have been true because you KNOW "they" would have loved to make an example out of someone, especially someone like Davy that could easily take the fall.  ....that scrawny russian....   :-)

Not an gram of fat in those legs!

He looks like he is hobbling in pain



I still can't imagine what kind of forehand/ volley led to this position.  Doesn't look too cheery :)

holy cow... at first i thought it was suposed to be a backhand volley!



I dunno. Maybe you're right. But that looks weird for a backhand volley still.


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