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Wow, the growth is simply phenomenal. I think we created a truly revolutionary tennis community. We are getting 50 new members per day. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for referring your friends. Thank you so much. As our community grows, it just grows faster and faster. There will be a day we look back and say, "Wow I was member number #250, and now there's thousands."
People are joining so fast that I actually could use some help welcoming people to the site. You know the message I left you when you first registered? Is there anyone who could give people a nice welcome and point them to some of the features? Let me know.

Update: we have a Group now for helping out. I hope you like the name. :-)

Thanks again everyone!

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Is there a section where we can see the new members?
Hi J! Sure, click on the "Members" tab at the top and they are listed from newest to oldest. Thanks for helping out with this. Did you join the Ball Kids group - we're always looking for more help. Ball Kids just keep an eye on the site and make sure nobody is getting sideways.
Is this the sign up to be an official tour ball person? I'm legit..
Hi Andrew,
Are you a Ball Kid yet?
Did you find the Group? It's in the post above.
There's also a standard "welcome" - look at the blog post on my page!
Thanks for helping.

Wow!  I wrote this back when we only had 250 members!  What a blast from the past.  And l find it very interesting that we are exactly where I was hoping we would be, with thousands of members.  And we still need as much help as ever guiding new members around the site.  If you are interested in helping, please look here:

OK Mark. .. this is how it would work. We name a City, State, & Regional Representatives. We can divide it like the USTA. Or just copy their regions. ( since most tennis players will know that format. ) The Hardest thing will be to have volunteers who will help new members connect with others without gaining control of members or region. Also this should not be a title but more of a courtesy With no Real power at all. Example

So I can be the Marietta City & GA State Representative, I dont travel enough to be the regional Rep. MY Job will be to make suggestions of places for players to join how to set up groups & help make it successful, Over all marketing & giving players real live help to make this work for them & their needs. I will also be available through Phone call during certain hours of the week.  I will be a local center point. But I am not allowed to do direct marketing to these new comers. I will continue to do MY Marketing as I always do/ I hope I don't come off as spam... all the time.  But this will be the best way to help grow tennisopolis without a robot & Without it losing its live audience feel.


I elect Myself as King  of the Southern regional 5 states....And my first LAW/order is that there is no more election for my life term, & that All players must meet my minimal requirments of single handed backhands or they must retire from tennis forever!!!!! Long live KING V


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