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We have over 13,000 members in Tennisopolis so I'm sure we have some that have yet to play and those that have played for 50 years. Where do you fall? And how far have you come with your game?

Me, I've played about 30 years - ouch I sound old - since I was about 9 years old. My game is alright, but I really want to move up to a 4.5 this coming season.


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I have been playing since 1992. so its about 10 times 2 divided by the square root of a topspin backhand going in a 94 degree angle on a east west tennis court at high noon = 17 years. im about a 5.5 - 6.5 and a 4.5 on a bad day. my NTRP or NRTP says 4.0 But trust me its not. I have been teaching tennis for 15 years and Licensed for ten.
I had a wooden racquet in my household growing up in New York. I remember hitting against the school wall which was brick so the bounces were not so true. Other than that I really never played tennis until I was an adult. At 35 years old I was re-introduced to tennis and was immediately hooked. I started out at 2.5 and got d-Q"d in playoffs! I was then moved straight to 3.5 the next season. Played 3.5 for 2 years and got bumped to 4.0. Left New york and moved to my current location of Naples Florida. Not wanting to work in the operating any more as a Surgical Tech. I decided to take the PTR certification exam and become a Tennis Teacher/Coach. This was four years ago. Since that time period I have been blessed with many great experiences and opportunities in the world of tennis. I finally this year got bumped to 4.5, I'm teaching,coaching,empowering and doing something I love for the first time in my life. I am now it's never too late to start!!!
Been playing for about 17 years now...!
I started in 86'. Played in high school till 92'. I quit all together after high school. I just started to play again this year 2010. I signed up with the USTA and played a couple of leagues and a few NTRP tournaments. I forgot how much I love this sport! It's no longer a hobby, it's my passion! Plus, since I got married in 2008, my wife has put a few annoying pounds on me, so it's great to get out and get some exercise.
does your wife play as well?

Mr. Mayor, I can join you in the ouch column. I have been playing for 32 years. I started when I was 11 years old. I lived on a Military base in Germany. Right next door to our home was the Junior High School, and it had 6 tennis courts. One day after my skateboard had been broken, I was looking out the window, and I saw a 20 something year old hispanic enlisted Air Force guy out on the courts by himself. He was hitting against the wall. And then he would work on his serve, and then his groundstrokes. I eventually moved from the window to the fence. After watching him for a couple of days he asked if I played. I didn't. So he invited me in, taught me to hit a forehand, a two-handed backhand and how to hit a flat serve. Come to find out, he was preparing for a qualifying tournament to enter the French Open. I have since gone on to play collegiately, and stopped there due to the knees. Probably a 4.5 now.


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