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10. Those who have never smashed a racquet against something hard, wish they could or had the guts

9. Those who have smashed a racquet, sheepishly, awkwardly, immediately regret it


8. Can name-drop a pro, active or retired, who they played with/against/around/grew up with, who

consistently reminds them of what could have been


7. Have contemplated quitting after a horrible or embarrassing loss just to save face


6. Have quit after a losing….then came out of retirement in time for their doubles match or consolation in the same tournament


6. Have top 3 bad all-time losses from players they should have beaten or routinely beat


5. Made a line call slightly too close, at least once or twice in matches, intentionally


4. Want to or dreamt of winning Wimbledon


3. Lost a match because someone “cheated”


2. Have a match they wish they could have won


1. They have been baggled/bicycled/donut at least once at some point in their tennis lives


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Hmm, I admit to dreaming about winning Wimbledon. Who doesn't? lol

Well, it's better not to admit to 2 or 3, isn't it? Then it would just be admitting to petty thinking. 

Fact: People can be petty!

Would anyone ever really want to admit to #1? 

I'll admit to losing 6-0. One of my partners decided to bum rush my serves and come behind it at every opportunity. But I turned right around and bum rushed his serves and won 6-0. Then I won the last set 8-6! (We didn't play a tiebreaker.) 

After a tough match; I can't walk. Every part of my body hurts. My body is older than my mind! :) Don't tell anyone

Good one, I have to play that way down when I compete against the younger kids in tournaments. I will admit to this, it feels good to beat the ones who are supposed to win.

And here I thought I was the only one. Currently, I am having an ongoing steady relationship with bag of frozen peas that I like to share an intimate moment with after a tough match/workout.....I Love those peas.....they never say no, they are always there, and they ALWAYS make me feel so much better! :)  And to think as kid I never liked em'...

This is my fav tennis video of all time. Sometimes you need to let it out, so you can get your mind in the game. I would love to smash a racket one day! But then I would have to buy a new one and that is no good haha.


Maybe if they have a bad record against another player, they wouldn't be too quick to talk about it.

You pretty much covered them all. However I whiffed a swing badly in an important match in college and then hit a ball as hard as I could into the crowd because I was so mad!  Also, saying words a good Christian girl would never say when making a stupid mistake that cost me a game or a set.  Pretty much anything we do in a moment of anger on the court is a regrettable moment later when we've calmed down!


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