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The Informed Tennis Buyer: Soccer Moms got it figured out!

I have heard a Soccer Mom talk of attending a recital, ballet practice, and a PTA meeting all scheduled at 9am! Do not ask me how; I am not a soccer mom! Coaching in the burbs, gave me the opportunity to witness these Wonder women types in action. 

Soccer moms are quite efficient when it comes to arranging, scheduling, multiple events and commitments all of which are done with such ease makes multi-tasking seem easy. Tennis players and parents with tennis players could learn a thing or 2 when it comes to saving on your tennis expenses and maybe even getting that extra “me time” during the day.




Before hipsters made it cool, and luxury car owners felt the sting of the global economy collapse, soccer moms were already driving fuel efficient spacious minivans. High performance tennis players tend to frequent the same circles for every region typical of tennis players.  Not only is carpooling cost effective on gas but most importantly and directly related to tennis, it potentially creates lifelong hitting partner relationships that ultimately cut hitting lesson costs’. Indirectly, it is a way of creating a healthy atmosphere of motivation by companionship: a healthy dose of competitive camaraderie if I may.

Sharing or Splitting the Lesson:

When it comes to tennis lessons, there is more gain in getting quality coaching. After all it is not the time spend with a coach most improvement is seen, it is in the time spend outside of the privates reinforcing what you learnt in the lesson that is important. One of my coaches in junior tennis the late Claudio Murape, may he rest in peace once told me for every hour you take in a lesson take two more in practice outside.  Most tennis parents or players period has to make sacrifices and Sam Sampras raised a champion in the same way:


“…it may come as a surprise, but I almost always shared my lessons with Stella (Pete Sampras’ sister) – she had thirty minutes, and I had thirty. It was written in stone……”

In summation, as you travel around playing tournaments make friends with other players, parents talk to other parents the benefits are bountiful.

Save on Restringing Jobs:

Restringing is not for everyone, the job can be annoying, tedious, and extrapolated especially for learners. If you do not have the time, I would go ahead and pay for a string job but save a little by providing your own string. If however you are a tennis parent, investing in a string machine for your child is a lifetime investment. Not only is your child learning to “customize” their racquet early but it can be a side gig from which he can make some change restringing acquaintances and friends racquets.

Bulk buying:

Bulk buying is not limited to private tennis lessons packageswhich saves you on your tennis bill alone. Buying food in bulk saves money and as health conscious people, this is a better way of having a hold of your dietary content. This also allows packing food to go. Bulk buying applies when it comes to equipment as well, buy tennis balls by the cases, if you get a good deal on tennis shoes buy a couple of pairs. While on shoes, most brands carry shoes with a “six month guarantee” and most high performance players get an opportunity to use their guarantee. The guarantee allows you to send you worn out shoes back with the receipt before the sixth month period from the time of purchase.

Until next blog, happy saving tennis enthusiasts.



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Comment by Karen Salter on July 25, 2011 at 6:53pm
I like the part about buying a couple of pairs of shoes at a time.  Wish the Nike tennis dresses could be sold for volume discounts.

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